Chapter 547.2

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Ruby’s Fashion
“Yes, well… when I showed Ruby the design, he demanded a complete set… hahaha.”
“That’s great. I don’t know what kind of knick-knacks you make, but let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.”

… I have no sense of art, so there’s probably not much I can do to help, though.

“Let’s see… Ruby says that as long as it looks good, he doesn’t mind if it’s not practical. I like to be particular about some things, so I’d be happy to discuss it with you.”
“What are you planning to make?”
“Umm, a silk top hat, a walking stick, a pocket watch-like accessory, and a suitcase.”
“You are going to make that many!?”
“Yes. I can manage to make a silk top hat, since I made one in the past. As for the pocket watch, I don’t need it to function as a clock, so I just need it to look like one. I think I could take my father’s old, broken pocket watch, and convert it into a glove case… but I’m not sure what to do for the other accessories.”

There are no walking sticks or suitcases of Ruby’s size, so in the worst case, they would have to be custom ordered.

“Let’s say I determine the size based on Ruby’s physique, but I’m not sure if there are craftsmen who would take orders for that size…”

Ah~… there are so many craftsmen in this world who are difficult and eccentric.
They would probably kick you out of the workshop if you were to order something smaller than a child’s size with a line, “We don’t make things for playing with dolls!” or something.
But she can’t just casually show Ruby in front of people and say, “It’s for my Sacred Beast-to-be”…

“Moreover, the design of the walking stick was to be embedded with gemstones, and although Ruby said he would let me use his hoard of hand-me-downs as materials, I was worried that he might take out something ludicrous and have its origin pried into, or worse, switched out by the craftsman…”

Mariel-chan’s complexion, which had been so pale until a moment ago, turned blue.
It’s true that if you ask a strange person for help, that may be the case.


“Miss Mariel, your father is a merchant, is he not? Can’t you rely on him?”

Sei, who was listening to the conversation next to me, asked curiously.

“My Father is now… inundated with inquiries and invitations from the nobility because of the contract I made, and I don’t want to burden him any further…”
“Ahh… I see.”
“I’ve even been told not to go home at the moment.”

Mariel-chan smiled sadly.

I see. I don’t have to worry about home-related matters because of Otousama and Oniisama’s hard work, and also the Headmaster, who had ordered others to refrain from unnecessary contact with me within the academy, but in Mariel-chan’s case, I imagine it would be difficult to refuse an invitation.
If she were still at the academy, Baron Mayor could simply say, “My daughter is having a hard time with her schoolwork right now”, but if she were to be assaulted while she was returning home, she might not be able to refuse the invitation…

“Well… then, let’s all go out together this weekend and report that we are staying out overnight.”
“Eh, me too?”
“Yes, everyone! I have a good idea.”

All right, we are all going away for the weekend! I will take care of it!

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