Chapter 391

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Continuation of preprocess.
After dismantling, I headed to the kitchen to make a offals dish other than sausage.

“Shin, do you have milk?”
“Ah? I believe there’s still some left in the cold room…”
“Then, could you bring it over please?”

I took out the offals from my inventory while Shin went to the cold room, cut them into easy to eat size, placed them into a big bowl and handed it to Shin.

“I want you to pour in enough milk for it to soak.”
“… Hah? Oi, these are the internal organs, right!? Internal organs and milk, just what kind of strange combination of food are you making!?”

Shin was startled by the combination of offals and milk, but this is necessary to remove the foulness.
Right, the organ I’m currently working with is… a liver.
I was using milk to remove the foulness of the liver in my past life.
Wash it thoroughly, cut into easy to eat sizes and soak in milk for 20-30 minutes.
That will remove the bad smell and tenderize it.
Having that experience, I decided to apply it for the Orc liver too.
I hope it goes well…

“Isn’t it a waste of milk for a simple preprocess… look, is this enough?”

Shin poured the milk while grumbling to himself.

“Thanks! We have to let it soak for a while… now then.”


With this, the preprocessing will be fine. Now then, what do I make with it.
The one that comes to mind first is a stir-fried Reba Nira. But, the smell is so strong that Okaasama and even Otousama might not be able to eat it. Hmm, liver is rich in iron, so I want women to eat it properly too…
Sweet and spicy would be good too, but I prefer using bird liver for sweet and spicy. Let’s leave it for another time. Next is… alright, let’s make that.
I decided to start the preparations while the iron is hot.

“Now then, let’s make the sauce first.”
Soy sauce, Yahatul sake in place of the cooking sake, and mix it with ginger and garlic grated mirin.
Take out the liver that had finished preprocessing, wipe off the milk with a clean towel, place in the sauce, mix together and throw it back into the cold room for a little. Hmm, fifteen minutes should be fine, I guess?
The liver that I soaked in milk wasn’t pungent or anything, it was just like the livers I saw in my past life.
I had Kurogane appraise it just in case, but there were apparently no problems with eating it, so I felt relieved.

“Alright, next is… this!”

I took out rice that was already polished and pulverized it in very small pieces in mind with magic.
When I tried polishing rice for the first time, I did not know what kind of strength to use, so I ended up using all of it and pulverized the rice completely, but because of this failure, I am now able to make things like mochi rice powder, rice flour and others. Even if you fail, you may be able to make use of it in other ways, so failing isn’t that bad.
When it comes to rice polishing, I now have the help of everyone who awakened to the deliciousness of rice, so it became easier for me. That being said, rice polishing is quite a difficult operation, so I have to ask Galvano Ojisama to help me make a rice polishing machine…
Actually, I wanted to ask a friend of Galvano Ojisama who is a magic tool craftsmen, but Tirie-san warned me: “It would be better if you don’t approach that magic tool madman, Cristea-chan.” so I seem to have no choice but to ask Galvano Ojisama.
There won’t be a problem to put a commission with the magic tool craftsman then.
I continued crushing the rice into a fine powder without stopping while deep in thoughts.
Then, I sprinkled the rice flour over the liver that finished marinating and fried it in oil.
I suggest using less oil if you only have a shallow frying pan.
All that’s left is veggies for garnish and miso soup.

“Alright, it’s done!”

Pig liver Tatsutaage!
Potato starch would be better than rice flour, but it’s hard to get my hands on potato starch as the Bastea Company is just starting to deal with it, so I used rice flour as a substitute. I like to sprinkle sesame seed on top for its fragrance.
Fufu, will it taste good?

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