Chapter 392

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Now, now, now!
Shin, who was standing next to me, was taking notes of the procedure in bewilderement while I was feeling a great delight of the completion of the Orc liver Tatsutaage.

“To season and fry internal organs… can something like this be tasty? Geez, you did something strange as usual…”

What’s up with calling me strange, how rude.
I cooked while measuring by eye, so Shin was writing down the rough amounts which I will review later.
Like this, the finished recipe will be shared with the chefs of our Ellisfeed family both in the fief and in the Capital. Recipes that are judged to be safe to spread outside the Ducal Household will be then sold to the Merchant’s Guild under the joint name of me and Shin.
And then, the sales will be my and Shin’s income.
I’m just making what I want to eat, and it’s Shin who’s making proper recipes out of it, and I wanted all proceeds to go to Shin, but he felt like he was snatching my achievements, so he pressed me for an equal split, which is being upheld up until now. I am grateful that I now have more pocket money to use, though.
They become my military funds to spend at the Bastea Company. Fufufu.
Well, the food is being bought recently with the Ellisfeed family’s budget, so there’s not much to use my pocket money on.
Therefore, I’m now trying to spend money on good things like tableware and tea.
Other than that, I save up money for when I put up a request with Galvano Ojisama, but he said that he’s fine if I pay with food, so he doesn’t take my money.
I decided to add Yahatul liquor as a bonus, but I thought that Galvano Ojisama’s commission would be higher than that, so I have to come up with more… oops, I derailed from the conversation.
Anyhow, the ingredients in the recipe Shin is writing at the moment are “that” so it probably won’t be put up on sale. Besides the liver, I also used things like ginger.
Even though Tatsuaage is delicious. How unfortunate.
However, since food made out of internal organs might not be accepted, it would add to my “Repulsive food eating lady” title, so I am compelled to keep this recipe a secret, right…?
Hmm, the liver is an ingredient that is split into the like and dislike camps, but it’s the best ingredient to supplement iron that women tend to lack, so it’s something I would like the anemic young noble ladies to eat.
While pondering, Shin seemed to finish writing the recipe as he put down the pen and paper gently.

“… Something like this? Is this the correct procedure?”
“Lemme see?… Yeah, it seems fine. Ah right, either rice flour or potato starch is okay, if both are difficult to obtain then it can be replaced with wheat flour too. The finished product may look a little different, though.”
“Got it. Certainly, powdering rice with magic is something only you would do, Missy.”

Shin noted down the instructions while grinning.
Ugugu, that certainly might be true, but… it’s so frustrating that I have no room to object.

“N, now, people who made this have a special privilege of sampling the food first! Let’s have some while it’s hot.”

… Just kidding, it will stay hot when placed in my Inventory.
It’s the mood that counts, the mood.

“Eh… no, I would like to refrain, I think…”

Shin, I think it’s rude to refuse with a cramped smile, you know?

“Nono, knowing that they are internal organs… a liver at that, right?… Is this really fine?”

“It’s fine, it’s not poisonous or anything.”

I held out the plate with Orc liver Tatsutaage in front of Shin who was slowly trying to escape.

“No, I know that it’s not poisonous. There’s not much of it, so you better have Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama try.”
“I have already secured the two’s portion, so it’s fine. Now, now, now! Where will you find a chef that doesn’t confirm the taste of his food?”
“Ugh… all right. I just have to eat it, right?”

Preparing himself, Shin pinched a small piece of Tatsutaage between his fingers and threw it into his mouth with his eyes shut tightly.

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