Chapter 390

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Something surfaced.
While observing the Orc being dismantled, I recalled the splatters I saw in my movies in my past life and quickly gave up… ahh, how pathetic.
I calmed down only after Kurogane carried me in his arms into my room, where Miria poured me tea.
Kurogane said that he couldn’t let only Mashiro learn the dismantling, so he returned back.
I’m glad he’s hardworking, but I feel uneasy that they will fight over who’s more useful to me again.
Still… haah, I thought I would manage somehow.
It wasn’t worth seeing the blood leak out, the skin tear and things splatter in such detail.
Movies don’t have the scent of blood either.
In other words, I was too naive… I regret.
No… chicken, rabbit or other small animals might have been better for a beginner like me… nono, wait?
The snow rabbit I saw in the winter was way too huge, so that one wouldn’t be possible.
As for the chicken, I heard they keep running around even after losing their heads… no~!
That’s not possible, not at all! Too scary!
While trembling and shivering on the sofa, Mashiro contacted me via telepathy.

(Cristea, the dismantling is done~ what do we do after this?)
(Thank you, Mashiro. Carry the meat to the kitchen’s cold room, okay? Ah! Wash everyone’s body clean with Clean magic first, okay? After that, the organs… could you wash them lightly first?)
(Got it~)

… Fuu, it looks like the dismantling concluded safely, I’m glad.
First of all, I must make sure that I recognize the dismantled internal organs as ingredients…
Resolving myself, I warped near the place of dismantling and watched the actual place from a distance.
I thought I would smell more of blood, but Mashiro’s Clean magic apparently made the air neat and tidy, so I sensed no blood at all.
Feeling a bit relieved, I approached Mashiro and others.

“Ah, Cristea!”
“Lord, wouldn’t it be better to rest for a little more?”

Mashiro rushed over happily, while Kurogane approached me with a worried frown.

“No, I’m fine. I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”
“That would be good if that were the case. We will do it the next time, so don’t do the unreasonable, Lord.”
“We have learned to do it properly, okay?”
“Thank you… I was really only slightly surprised… huh? Where’s Shin?”

I couldn’t see Shin nearby.

“Ah, that fellow carried the meat to the cold room. The organs are here…”

The organs were apparently placed inside the tub Kurogane made sure I couldn’t see.
… They are washed and I can’t see them directly, but internal organs are internal organs, after all… uepeh.

However, they are ingredients, they are ingredients… I approached while trying to persuade myself.
I can handle fish well, so internal organs are nothing significant!
I am going to prepare them deliciously from here on out!
I breathed out through my nose and fired myself up. I put on my apron and rolled up my sleeves.

“Errm, this is the small intestine, and this is…”

I assorted them roughly with my shallow knowledge. Hiii, the texture isss…!
While letting out “Hii, hii” sounds from my mouth, I somewhat managed to squeeze out the remains from the intestines and washed them from inside out. Sprinkle them with salt and let them rest.
This is all for today.

“What, you can’t complete it by today?”

Shin said deplorably, but nono, it’s not that easy, you know?
Even me (an airhead) could make it immediately with the casing I purchased online, but there’s nothing that convenient over here, so it will take time making, umu.
Several days later, I’m going to wash and salt them again, until they will be finally usable for sausages.
The sausage-making is ending for today, but since I have the opportunity, I would like to make some giblets dish…
Looking through the organs, something certain caught my eye.

“Ah… let’s use this.”

Now that I decided, let’s quickly leave for the kitchen! Taking what I needed, I stored the other organs into my inventory and hurried to the kitchen.

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