Chapter 389

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It’s fine!… Is it fine?
Although we received a stern warning from Leon-sama regarding the matter with Orcs, I’m glad it got resolved somehow…
Even though he is a Sacred Beast contracted to the royal family and he should have reported our contract to the country, he keeps it secret for some reason.
According to Leon-sama: “I don’t normally act unless it has a large impact on the citizens living in the country. I have no interest in who contracts what unless they do bad things.”
Certainly, Sacred Beasts have interest only in the magical power of their owner, and they will try to do only things that make their contracted lord happy.
The plan was to leave matters with Orcs to the adventurers no matter the scale, but he went ahead to investigate just in case before the Adventurer’s Guild could depart when something happened…
That something being Kurogane… us, who already exterminated the Orcs.
In fact, when a Village appears, it seems to be quite all right for Kurogane to exterminate it on the spot.
What Leon-sama… and namely, Tirie-san were worried about was explaining Kurogane’s rampaging in another fief, the Doris fief.
W, well, we somehow managed to get through, so everything’s fine!

“… That being the case, I can devote myself to cooking!”

Hmph! When I enthusiastically breathed out from my nose, Shin looked at me with cold eyes. Geez, how rude.

“I have no idea what you are relieved about. Well, let’s get started… and so, what are we making? Rather, it starts with dismantling, huh…”

Shin said so mixed with a sigh and waited for my instructions before the Orc.
We were currently in the rear of the training grounds, vacant land of considerable size.
Because it’s quite far away from the mansion, Otousama gave us permission to do the dismantling here.

“I was planning on creating a new product today, but… I need internal organs for that.”
“You really are using internal organs!? Just because the guys in the slums eat them doesn’t mean it’s something a noble lady like yourself should eat it too, you know?”

Indeed, it’s not something a young noble lady would even consider eating.
But, even so!
I have a handicap called past life’s memories! Fuhaha!

“Won’t I know until I try? Now, begin the dismantling please!”
“Sure… huh, oi? It will take some time before I’m done, so wait for me in the mansion. This filthy, grotesque thing isn’t something for your eyes, no?”

Shin waved his hand and tried to shoo me away. N, geez~! His rudeness is boundless!

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I want to learn to dismantle too, so I will watch.”
“You will definitely feel sick, so you better stop now. I will be dirty from the dismantling so I can’t even carry you away if you collapse, alright?”


Shin was worried about me that it would be so grotesque I would faint, but in my past life, in order to “learn to appreciate life” I watched how people dismantle pigs and boars in a workshop on TV in order to make them into delicious food! I did my best to watch until the end, and after that, I was able to deal with wild game cuisine properly.
For the sake of making delicious food, I think it would be better to watch the dismantling process properly too.

“I’m telling you that it’s fine. I will walk away before I get sick if it comes to that.”
“My Lord is this persistent. If something were to happen, I will take her back even before that.”
“We are watching over Cristea, so you need not worry.”
“Right, right! Now Shin, do it!”

When I said that full of confidence after being backed by Kurogane and Mashiro, Shin let out an even deeper sigh.

“Hahh… I tried to stop you. Kurogane-sama, Mashiro-sama, please be sure to watch over Missy properly, okay?”

Shin finally gave up after being persuaded so much and took the dismantling knife in his hands.

“Erm, we begin by draining the blood.”

I was waiting for this! The dismantling is starting!

“Carefully… so you don’t damage… the internal organs… ugh…!”
“Ahh geez, I know that. Good grief, I told you so… Kurogane-sama, quickly take her away!”
“Aye, got it. Mashiro, I leave the rest to you.”
“… It’s for Cristea, so it cannot be helped. I will undertake the responsibility to learn the way of dismantling properly.”
“Mashiro… sorry… do your best, okay…?”
“Leave it to me!”

And so, I, who gave up was quickly taken into Kurogane’s arms and left.
… As expected, watching it on television and seeing it right before your eyes are two different things… upugh.

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