Chapter 388

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Taking Blame
“… Umm, what kind of punishment should I receive?”
“Lord!? This is not your fault, Lord! If it’s a punishment then I…”
“Nono, no one is talking about punishment. Missy, you just carefully rethink about the contract with Sacred Beasts. And so, err… Kurogane? and the white pipsqueak should memorize the rules, so that you can live among humans. Don’t cause trouble for your master.”
“I’m not a pipsqueak! My name is Mashiro!”

Mashiro~! This isn’t time for an interjection like that.

“Yes, yes, Mashiro. Listen, okay? Be careful that your quick temper doesn’t strangle your master, you hear?”
“… I know!”
“I wonder about that… well, you are lucky that the Doris’ Adventurer’s Guild had not set out for an investigation just yet. Moreover, this was absolutely within the scope of the Adventurer’s Guild. Report to Doris that it was my doing.”

Taking the blame? Eh? Is that fine?

“Originally, it should be for the adventurers to settle. We cannot afford to snatch their jobs, after all. Let’s say that it was a considerably large village, so I took care of it myself this time. Okay?”
“Thank you very much. Cristea, do take advantage of Leon-sama’s kindness. Now, you better thank him.”

Otousama interrupted me who wanted to ask a question and urged me to say words of gratitude.

“Uumm, thank you very much…”
“Leave it to me. That being said, it won’t be free.”
“… What is it?”

When Otousama asked dubiously, Leon-sama raised his index finger and chuckled.

“First, I won’t ask for all Orcs collected this time, but I will have you yield some over. I am going to submit them to the Doris Guild as proof of subjugation.”
“Of course. Cristea, make sure to hand the Orcs over to Leon-sama later.”
“Y, yes!”

I’m glad I kept a number of Orcs in my Inventory… but, it should be fine to keep at least one or two on me, right?
Just as I sighed out of relief, Leon-sama quickly raised his second finger.

“Also, was it Bacon that is currently popular in your fief? Give me some of that. It’s quite hard to get your hands on.”
“Of course… huh?”
“… Bacon, is it?”
“Right. You got the Orcs for that, right? That’s why you don’t have to hand me over all of them. You need them, right?”
“H, haah…”

Otousama looked at Leon-sama’s face with disappointment.
They weren’t for bacon this time, but… I think I’m glad for the time being.
If I was told to hand over all of the Orcs, I would have to take back the Orcs I sent to Tirie-san too… huh, Tirie-san?

“Ahhh! Tirie-san!?”
“What is it!? What about Tirie, Cristea?”


“Otousama! If we don’t hurry, Tirie-san will report to the Doris’ Guild! We have to stop him at once!”
“Mu, right! We can’t sit around like this! Leon-sama, excuse me!”

Otousama panicked and rushed towards the communication magic tool in his office.

“What? You guys left it to that Tirie fellow? Haha, he has it difficult too, I see. Let me go have a word with him too.”

Saying that, Leon-sama disappeared in the ceiling.
… Did he warp into Otousama’s office?

“… Lord.”

The two looked at me depressedly.

“Sorry. I caused you trouble because I wasn’t thorough once again.”
“That’s not true! It was my doing!”
“That’s right! We are just inexperienced, you are not at fault, Cristea!”

When I apologized to the two, they angrily rejected.

“I am inexperienced too. That’s why we all have to learn diligently.”
“… Umu.”
“Yea… got it.”

“Thank you. You both are my prided Sacred Beasts. You will be fine if you learn properly.”

I smiled and promised to learn about the contract together.

By the way, Tirie-san was stopped at the last moment.
T, that was close…!
Tirie-san apparently said “Geez! I wasn’t sure what to do… you owe me a favor, okay!” but that “Favor” has been quickly overturned by Otousama.
I handed over the Orcs to Leon-sama and left the rest to him.
When I gave him the bacon I had at hand, he returned in great happiness. I, I am glad…
Anyhow, there are things to reflect from this incident, but there’s no need to worry anymore, so I am going to do my best at making the sausage~!

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