Chapter 387

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Orc extermination got leaked to Leon-sama… just how!?
To my disappointment, Kurogane ignored my feelings of wanting to hide and replied casually.

“I have no idea what or who Doris is, but it’s true that I kicked about Orcs west of here.”

Wha, Kurogane, what are you doing by answering so quickly.

“Ah~… as I thought, huh. I’ve heard from merchants and adventurers who had recently passed by Doris that the number of Orcs there increased, so I was thinking that it’s about time I do something about it. And yet, the presence of Orcs completely disappeared this morning, right? I was bothered by it, so when I warped over, all I saw was the remains of extermination.”

Uah~… well, of course.
Because it was a village, there must have been reports about it too, so there surely were talks about an investigation… and yet it was exterminated even before that.

“There was this Fenrir’s…”
“I’m telling you it’s Kurogane.”
“… Traces of Kurogane’s magical power were left behind. I came to confirm just in case.”

Mr. Kurogane, this is not the time to be concerned about your given name, okay!?
Let’s read the mood, okay?

“As I said before, there’s no mistake that it was me who exterminated the Orc Village. If you understand, then leave at once.”

Kurogane is sending Leon-sama away as if shooing him away.

“Geez, why did you have to go to another territory. I knew it was your doing from the very beginning.”

Leon-sama said with a bitter smile that he instantly erased and looked at Kurogane with a sharp gaze.


“Why did you have to go to another fief? If someone with tremendous power like you rampages, you will only stand out and bother those around you.”
“… I only thought of getting some Orcs. When I went to look to a place I saw them before, I found an entire Village instead, so I thought of taking the opportunity and exterminating it.”
“You… Orc Villages don’t get damaged easily nor to they disperse, so you should have gotten just a few and returned home. In other words, you overdid it.”

Leon-sama said while scratching his head… and sighed.
Ugh, Leon-sama’s sermon is too sound.

“Forgive me, Leon-sama. It was me who told Kurogane to get some Orcs for me.”
“Yeah. I thought so. This fellow would go that far only if his contractor was involved.”
“I am truly sorry…”
“Lord! I did it on my own, there’s no need for you to apologize to this fellow!”
“You fool! Don’t take Sacred Beast’s contract so lightly. You might think that you are only doing something that would allow you to hog your contractor, Missy, all for yourself, but for humans, making a contract with a Sacred Beast of outrageous power like yours is a heavy responsibility!”

I, who felt tremendous fear the moment Leon-sama shouted at Kurogane unconsciously ended up screaming.

“! I won’t let you hurt my Lord!”
“I won’t forgive, those who make Cristea, frightened!”

Kurogane and Mashiro stepped in front of me who was assaulted by fear.

“Leon-sama, my daughter is not used to coercion yet, could you please calm down?”

When Otousama stepped in the way of the two and said such, Leon-sama’s expression turned awkward.
That instant, the feeling of dread that was pressing me down disappeared.
… That just now was coercion…?
T, thathathat was suuuper scary…!
I am glad I did not wet myself!
I protected my little girl’s dignity…!

“… Ah~ sorry. I did not mean to frighten you, Missy.”
“N, no. We are the ones at fault, so…”
“Missy, do you understand the weight of responsibility and risks of contracting Sacred Beasts?”
“Y, yes…”

… Probably. There are still many points I don’t understand, so I have to learn properly.
If I don’t take it seriously, I would become a repeated offender at causing a nuisance to everyone…

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