Chapter 386

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As expected!
“A visitor…”
“Lord, this presence…”

Kurogane and Mashiro got vigilant.
That means…

“I understand. Miria, assist with speedy preparations. You guys wait for me in the room.”

When I received the news of a sudden visitor who came without an appointment, I quickly moved downstairs to the parlor.
It appears that Otousama is entertaining the person as he gave me a strict order to come without a delay.
When I hurriedly descended the stairs, the steward Gilbert showed before me.

“Cristea-sama, please come this way. Miria, I will take over from here on out.”
“Y, yes. Well then…”

I followed after Gilbert after seeing Miria off.

“The visitor is waiting for you at the Room of Heroes.”
“Umm, that visitor is… him, isn’t it?”

Say, doesn’t it feel a bit like deja vu?
Didn’t something like this happen before…?

“It’s exactly as you guessed.”

Gilbert nodded.
Ehh~? That person came again, what is it about this time?

“Cristea-sama has arrived.”

When we arrived at the Room of Heroes, Gilbert announced my arrival to Otousama.

“Umu. Come in.”

With Otousama’s permission, Gilbert opened the door and urged me to go in.

“Excuse me…”
“Yo~ were you well?”

A person waved at me from the sofa when I quietly entered the room.

“Leon-sama… long time no see.”

As I thought~! It was Leon-sama indeed~!
Gee~ even though I have had enough problems today!

“Ah~ enough of that. The stiff, formal greetings are troublesome, right?”

Seeing Leon-sama trying to stop me from giving him formal greetings, Otousama displeasedly rebuked.

“Leon-sama… that can’t be done.”
“Things like social status should be considered only among humans. I am unrelated. It’s only by chance that the one I am contracting is royalty, but I am no one great myself.”
“You know that’s not true…”
“I am saying it’s fine. I would hate putting distance between me and someone I am fond of. That goes for both you and Missy.”
“… If that’s what you wish.”
“That’s what I am telling you.”
“Got it. Well, Cristea. Don’t keep standing there and come have a seat.”

Eh!? Otousama, wasn’t your change too fast!?

“Right, right. Just like in the past. Geez, when you humans grow old, your brains become stiffer.”
“I would like to call it mature.”
“From my point of view, you will always be just a young chick.”

Hahaha… when I was watching the laughing Otousama with reproachful eyes, he noticed that, cleared his throat and corrected his seating posture.

“… And so, what did you come here today for?”

Yep, that’s the thing I wanted to hear most.

“Ah~… I had something to talk to you about, or rather with the Fenr… er, Kuro… what was it again?”
“I believe that I told you that my name is Kurogane, though?”

Before Leon-sama could recall, Kurogane warped in together with Mashiro.

“Ah~ right, that was it. It was Kurogane. I have something I wanted to hear from you.”
“… From me?”

Eh, from Kurogane? Just what…

“You have been rampaging in the West’s Doris fief, right? Haven’t you exterminated an entire Village of Orcs?”

Eh? How does Leon-sama know of that?

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