Chapter 385

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Repeated reflection.
“… And that’s what happened. Don’t you think Otousama is too heartless?”

I, who was released from Otousama’s lecture had immediately made my way to the kitchen.
I seized Shin who was mostly done with the food preparations and after making sure that no one hear us by erecting a soundproofing barrier, I told him about Tirie-san and complained about the scolding.

“… Hmm. I do find Tirie-san pitiful, but you will act recklessly if you don’t get reminded, Ojou…”
“Ehh? But I did not know this time, so it wasn’t my fault?”

Shin is also heartless for feeling pitiful only for Tirie-san!

“Doesn’t Sire constantly tell you to consult with him before you do something, though? It can’t be helped that you got scolded because you didn’t do things properly, no?”

Shin looked at me tiredly.

“I told him, though? That I was going to make a new product…”
“… Making new product and hunting Orcs is two separate things.”
“Eh, but… huh?”
“You can get a lot of things in the Capital. Orcs too, you just have to place a request with the Adventurer’s Guild. They would likely get to you in a few days, right?”
“… That’s certainly true, but…”
“You are carefreely sending Kurogane-sama to hunt for Orcs because you are contracted, but you generally have to wait for requests to be fulfilled, okay?”
“… Indeed.”

Ugugu, I can’t say anything after being told that.

“Well… people need to take your personality into consideration and understand that you want to get your hands on things immediately, but Sire still might be overly optimistic about this. I also didn’t think you would hunt for Orcs right on the heels of yesterday…”

Right! Isn’t it human nature to act immediately after getting an idea?
… N? Mr. Shin? Wait just a moment.
Wasn’t your statement basically saying that I am an impatient child!?
Are you poking fun of me? Speaking ill of me? It’s quite~ subtle if I say so myself, though!?
Gununu… when I became sulky, Shin faced me with a serious face.

“However, Ojou. You are getting scolded by Sire because he’s worried about you. If you run about and do something that cannot be undone, how will Sire help you when he doesn’t know anything?”
“… Eh.”
“Parents are always worried about their child’s well-being. Understand that. Don’t be making your parents worry all the time… or you will regret like me.”

Looking at the sorrowfully smiling Shin, I couldn’t say anything.
Shin’s parents who were adventurers had already passed away.
Shin no longer has parents that will worry or reassure him.
Since I died before my parents in my past life, I caused them a lot of sadness.
Considering that and my current parents who can only worry about me, I can only say that I really lack filial piety.

“… I am sorry.”
“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me, right? Don’t forget to consult with Sire then next time. Alright?”

Shin patted my head as I enduring crying.

“All right. Let’s end that talk here. And so, have you decided on the place to dismantle the Orcs? How many do you need?”

Wanting to change the gloomy mood, Shin asked with a bright voice.

“… Otousama gave permission to use the back of the training field. He told me to use a barrier and clean up properly afterward. It’s already late today and it will take time to process, so let’s leave it for tomorrow. Inform Head Chef for me, please.”
“Roger that. I will ask Head Chef to exempt me from noon practice tomorrow. Alrighty then, a dismantling after a while. My hands are itching already.”

After Shin joked about that, he made his way to Head Chef.
… Ah, geez. I am the worst.
I trudgingly made returned to my room.


“… Haah. I hate myself…”

I sluggishly dropped on the sofa, lifted up Mashiro who approached me and tightly hugged him.
Mashiro’s fluff would usually heal me, but I can’t quite feel it today.

“Cristea, you look down… are you okay?”

Mashiro hugged me back.

“Sorry, Mashiro. Sorry for making you worry… I am fine.”
“… Lord, it seems that I have caused you trouble by annihilating the Village without letting you know…”

Kurogane must have been worried too as he seemed really dispirited.

“No, you did the right thing, Kurogane. You had discovered a Village and did what you had to do. Very admirable.”
“However, you got scolded because of that, Lord.”
“I got scolded because I didn’t report to Otousama that I am sending you to hunt for Orcs. I am at fault for causing Otousama and Tirie-san trouble.”
“Let’s see, if you want to be more careful, then you should contact me or Otousama when you find an Orc Village next time. We could then decide whether you should exterminate it immediately or whether we should let the guild send a subjugation unit.”
“Umu… I understand.”

The worst thing is that it happened in another fief, so writing the report will be really troublesome.
I hope that Tirie-san somehow manages to deceive them… if another fief’s Adventurer’s Guild gets to know that Kurogane exterminated an Orc Village, it will gather strange attention.
… Is this what Otousama got angry and worried about? Kurogane is currently acting as my personal guard. Even if his identity as Sacred Beast doesn’t get exposed, I would like to avoid unnecessary attention.


I felt even more disappointed in myself who didn’t take so many things into consideration.

“Umm… Cristea-sama, are you free right now? You have a visitor…”

There, Miria came to notify me.

“… I do?”

Who, I wonder? Mariel-chan, perhaps? But, I believe she would send a letter before coming…

“Anyhow, you better hurry as Sire is calling for you.”
“Eh? Otousama is?”

What is it, I have a really bad feeling about this, though…

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