Chapter 384

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Report, communicate, consult is important, isn’t it… Part 2
This can’t go on like this.
It could turn really badly if the population of the fief gets exposed to the threat of monsters!

“Hey, Kurogane. Did a dungeon form somewhere in our fief, by any chance? Don’t you happen to have an idea about a place like that?”
“Dungeon? There’s nothing that caught my eye in particular, but… I didn’t hunt the Orcs in your fief in the first place.”
“””… Hah?”””

Mr. Kurogane?
What did you say just now?

“… Erm, Kurogane? Where did you find the Orc Village then?”
“Hm? To the West of the Capital. I went over there because I knew Orcs appear in that area, but sure enough, I found an entire Village. I thought of straying away from it, but recalling that I was requested to exterminate Villages on sight, I had no choice but to do it.”

Kurogane… he unexpectedly went hunting outside of the fief where he ended up exterminating an Orc Village?
No, there’s really no issue where adventurers hunt Orcs, and since Kurogane who is registered as an adventurer was requested to exterminate threat like Orc Villages on sight, you can’t really say that he did anything wrong, but… err.

“… Tirie. What do you think?”
“What do I think, you ask… we have no choice but to report to those who have jurisdiction over that area… ah geez, it turned into something troublesome.”

So it did, it seems~… waah.
Previously, when Kurogane exterminated the Village in our fief, the Adventurer’s Guild’s subjugation unit was about to move out, but Kurogane went ahead and exterminated it himself, so Tirie-san had to get involved to resolve the matter.
Tirie-san is aware of my contract with the Sacred Beasts and he’s Otousama’s old friend on top of that, so he has been secretly easy on me, but because it’s a secret from the guilds of other fiefs, reporting might get quite troublesome, no…?

“The Orcs in question had been already delivered to your place, so you, as the Guild Master, should take responsibility and come up with an explanation. I am not going to take part in this incident. I was not aware of the circumstances up until now, after all. Kurogane-sama, can you please explain Tirie the location of the Orc Village?”
“Umu. I know the general location.”
“That’s fine, thank you very much. Well then, I leave the report to you, Tirie.”
“… Eeeh… wait a moment. Reporting will be very troublesome, though…”
“I am not asking you to say anything excessive, Guild Master. Well then, Kurogane-sama, please explain the place using the map over there.”
“Umu. Sure.”
“Wha! Are you seriously dumping it all on me?”
“Don’t be saying disgraceful words as ‘dumping’. I just have the utmost faith in our fief’s excellent Guild Master. I will forward the map to you later. See you again.”
“Wha!? Wait up…”


Otousama said what he wanted to say and separated his hand from the magic tool, ending the transmission.
It seems that Tirie-san tried to communicate back as the magic tool was still shining, but Otousama moved with Kurogane to the table after taking just a glance at it.
Whoa… Tirie-san is so pitiful.
Tirie-san has to report about the extermination of an Orc Village, without presenting the proof (the Orcs) of subjugation, right?
Explaining that feels super troublesome…
It might be a good idea to send something to Tirie-san as thanks for his trouble… of course, with Kurogane as extra!
First of all, I should make some sweets…

“Cristea. You wait right here.”

Otousama has detained me when I tried to leave the office for the kitchen.
Waah, I have a bad feeling about this…

“In spite of telling you to report to me before you do something so often… it seems that I have to have a good talk with you.”

After that, I got lectured in full.
Report, communicate, consult is certainly important, but!
You have promised me, Otousama!
… I am not at fault here, okay!? Incomprehensible!!

And so, I want someone to praise me for securing a dismantling place even after being lectured…!

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