Chapter 383

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Report, communicate, consult is important, isn’t it… Part 1
According to Tirie-san, Kurogane suddenly warped into Tirie-san’s office in the Adventurer’s Guild, imposed a large number of Orcs on Tirie-san, said “You won’t be troubled with materials for a while. Take care of it.” and warped out without any kind of explanation. Kurogane…

“Cristea, Tirie is listening too, so this situation is just right. Why don’t you explain?”
“Ah! Cristea-chaaan! What is the meaning of this!?”

It seems that Tirie-san didn’t notice my figure hidden behind Otousama.
When Otousama turned towards me, he made me explain even without giving my greetings. Whoa…

“Umm… I don’t understand the situation entirely so I can’t explain accurately, but… Last night, I asked Kurogane to get an Orc for me because I wanted to create a new recipe. I heard he went hunting late at night, but I found out in the morning that he apparently found a Village and brought back a large number of Orcs.”
“I see… so there was a Village, after all?… This is not good. The Orcs in the fief are multiplying too fast. It’s likely that a dungeon might be developing somewhere… no, it might have already been born.”

Tirie-san grumbled something about having the adventurers investigate with a serious expression.
Ehh? Something this big happened just from asking Kurogane to hunt an Orc for me?
Exterminating them wasn’t enough then!?
Kurogane~! Please return sooon~!

“Lord, did you call for me?”

Because Kurogane suddenly appeared behind me, I let out a weird yell that wasn’t befitting of a lady!

“Kurogane-sama, I am sorry to bother you immediately upon your return, but may we please ask for an explanation regarding the matter with the Orcs?”

Otousama showed no surprise and immediately began inquiring from Kurogane.

“Hm? Didn’t I hand over those Orcs over to the Elf’s place just now?… Mu, isn’t it that Elf projected on that ball behind you?”
“Ahh! Kurogane-samaaa! What’s up with that large number of Orcs!? Where did you find the Village!?”


Kurogane who recognized Tirie-san in the magic tool was being asked questions in rapid succession.

“Nn? The hell is this strange ball!? To think the Elf would talk to me… now then, is that fellow locked up inside this ball?”

… Kurogane, let’s read the mood?
That magic tool certainly is interesting, but isn’t this a state of emergency!?

“Kurogane, this is a magic tool that enables long-distance communication. Could you leave the questions about this magic tool for later and explain about the Orcs first, please?”

Right, I am curious about the magic tool too, but wouldn’t it turn quite bad if I didn’t bear Otousama and Tirie-san in mind?

“About the Orcs?… I found a Village so I cleared it out. There’s no problem with that, no? I regret that I wasn’t able to meet Lord’s expectations and exterminated them all instead of bringing only a few back…”

Nono, that’s not the problem here, okay?
Rather, leaving the Village as is just to meet my expectations is no good, okay?

“No, Kurogane-sama’s actions were correct. Clearing out Orc Villages is the very best decision you can make. What we view as a problem is a pace at which the Orcs are increasing in numbers. It can be said that the rate at which the Villages are formed in our territory is abnormal. We are uneasy because of the possibility that a dungeon was born somewhere in our fief.”

I wasn’t aware of such dangers, so I really regret telling him “Houhou, so you exterminated them? You did well, Kurogane! I didn’t need that many, though!?”… Awawa.
I should have reported to Otousama straight away…

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