Chapter 382

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How did it turn out like this??
“Cristea, explain what this is about.”

Otousama demanded explanation while rubbing his glabella.

“Y, yes, umm…”

Ugugu, how did it turn out like this?

In order to find a place where I can have the Orcs dismantled and permission to do so, Head Chef went to look for the steward, Gilbert.
We were waiting for the Head Chef to return, but when Head Chef returned in a panic, I had a bad feeling…

“Err, Cristea-sama, Sire is calling for you.”

After being told such by Head Chef, he then instructed Shin to return to do his work until I return, and made me leave from the kitchen.
Shin said “… Well, that’s the case.” and quickly started working.
Nooooo-! Why is Otousama-!?
What happened to Gilbert!?
I can only think of a scolding when it comes to the sudden summons.
I went towards Otousama’s office with heavy steps.

“What is it, Cristea?”

While I was being absentminded, Otousama pressed for an answer.
Whoops, not good. I shouldn’t be prolonging the scolding time!

“Erm, I wanted to dismantle an Orc, so I thought of asking the experienced Shin. However, since I don’t know a suitable place for dismantling, I had Head Chef confirm with Gilbert.”
“Orcs had never been dismantled in this mansion before, nor was the need to. If it’s ingredients you just have to order them. There’s no need to snatch the jobs of the poor.”

Well, there are dismantlers all over the Capital, so there’s no need to do it ourselves, but…

“Deliver the Orc to the fief’s Adventurer’s Guild. They will be able to use it more efficiently. Geez… you still were carrying Orcs on you?”

Don’t say something rude like carrying Orcs on you. I would like you to treat them as a stock.
Well, I got my hands on them this morning, though.

“I think Kurogane just finished the delivery of Orcs to the Adventurer’s Guild just about now. You don’t need to worry about smoked food production.”

The number of Orcs in the fief decreased, so securing Orc meat for smoked food production had become more difficult. Otousama should be at ease with this.


“… Kurogane-sama did? Are you saying you still had that many Orcs on you?”
“Eh? No? Kurogane hunted a large number of them this morning, so…”
“What!? Where did he hunt so many Orcs again!? Don’t tell me a Village appeared near the fief again?”
“For monsters to increase in numbers in our fief so frequently… other Villages in addition to the Orcs’ might have come to existence. There’s a need for a large-scale investigation…”

Otousama was lost in thoughts while frowning.
Eh, wait a moment.

“Umm, Otousama. According to Kurogane, he already exterminated the Village, so you don’t have to worry.”

They have been already subjugated, so there no need for an unnecessary investigation of a large scale.

“You fool. With a frequent outbreak of monsters like this, there’s a possibility that a dungeon had emerged. We can’t leave it alone.”

Otousama promptly stood up from his chair and approached a magic tool enshrined in the corner of his office.

“Umm, Otousama… just what is that?”
“Hm? This is a communication magic tool that had been developed just recently. If you pour magical power in this magic stone, you can connect to our mansion in the fief, Tirie’s office, and even the royal palace.”

Eh? The hell is that!?
A something like a telephone in this world?
Something this convenient had been made, huh…
When I looked carefully at the communication magic tool, it was a box with a big crystal ball inlaid in it, and a magic circle underneath. Several big magic stones were inlaid in the circuits of the magic circle.
… Wouldn’t this be quite an expensive tool?
If I had this, I could easily contact Mariel-chan, how unfortunate.
Otousama extended his hand and the moment he touched the device, the magic stones started shining.

“… Mu, it’s from Tirie. He calls just right.”

When Otousama touched a magic stone, the circuit around the crystal ball it up and when even the magic circle brightened, Tirie-san’s figure emerged.

“Eh!? Tirie-san!?”

I am shocked. It’s not just a telephone, but a visual telephone at that.

“Hey! What is going on!? I had not received any reports of a large group of Orcs anywhere near the fief! Explain to me how was so many goods delivered! Geez, Kurogane-sama left after handing the goods over without explaining too. Explain, please!”

Awawa, that Kurogane!
Tirie-san, I apologize!

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