Chapter 381

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It’s right on the heels of yesterday, ya know!?
I finished sorting the Orcs to some extent and returned to the mansion for lunch.
After that, I enjoyed a cup of tea for a while and waited for the chefs to finish their work before going to the kitchen.
When I peeked into the kitchen, the chefs had also finished eating and were just finished tidying up.
Only a few who were preparing for dinner stayed in the kitchen.
The preparations were done by newcomers, so after confirming Shin was among them, I quietly approached him.

“Shin, may I talk to you for a little?”
“Geh? What’s up?… or not, Cristea-sama, what… no, how may I help you?”

Shin was focusing on peeling vegetable skin, so he was quite surprised when I called out to him.
What’s up with the ‘Geh!’ His reaction that looked as he was seeing a ghost was truly rude.
Well, he got greeted by his employer’s daughter all of sudden, so it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings.

“Err, about the dismantling I talked to you about yesterday…”
“I thought we have already… wait, eh, surely not.”

Finished that conversation, before he could finish his sentence, he recalled my remark about dismantling and his complexion quickly paled.
Fufufu, it saves time that he guessed right.

“Yes, I would like to ask you to do some dismantling for me.”

I told him with a smiling face.

“Wait a moment, it’s right on the heels of yesterday, ya know? Your arrangements are way too fast, no!?”

Shin, who was slightly upset and dropped his honorifics was chided “Oy” by newcomers who were working with him.
Indeed. Shin certainly wouldn’t be expecting me to tell him “Dismantle for me☆” just a day after I talked to him.
Even I was startled by Kurogane’s working speed. On top of that, that amount…
Recalling this morning, I recovered from the illusion that formed a distant look on my face and requested Shin again.

“I got my hands on many Orcs too… by chance. I can’t get the materials I want by asking the Guild, so I wanted to ask you.”
“There’s no way you could get your hands on a large number of Orcs just by a chance, right…”

Although Shin screamed in a quiet voice, he told me he would dismantle for me yesterday, so he has no right to refuse!

“Cristea-sama? What is the matter? Are you planning to create something new again!?”

Whoa, I thought the Head Chef wasn’t here, yet I got discovered!
Even though I was deliberately avoiding him, so something so troublesome like yesterday wouldn’t happen again!
The Head Chef rushed over to me and when he found that the hands of the newcomers stopped, he told them to get back to work before turning back to me.

“Pardon me, Cristea-sama. And so, do you need something?”
“Umm, I was the one who stopped them from working. Sorry. And so, erm, I would like to borrow Shin for a while…”
“Shin? He’s currently in the middle of training, so if you are fine with me…”

Hmm, because I am relying on Shin too much, I feel that Head Chef really wants to compete with him…
But, there’s no way I could ask Head Chef to help me out today.

“Umm, I obtained an Orc in its entirety. And so, I wanted to ask Shin who can dismantle to help me out with it…”
“Orc in its entirety? Just how… ah, that’s a foolish question. Why not just put up a request with the Adventurer’s Guild then?”

Except for Shin, Head Chef is the only one in the kitchen who is aware of Kurogane and Mashiro’s sacred existence. The guards, Kurogane and Mashiro, don’t seem to eat anything other than dishes with my magical power, so they don’t eat together with other servants.
Head Chef is a person like that, so I had no choice but to explain.

“I see… in that case, there’s nothing I can help with. Shin, make sure to be useful to Cristea-sama. As for everyone else, do Shin’s share of work too.”

Whoa, I am truly sorry. It’s in the Inventory, so it doesn’t have to be done right now, is not something I can say now.
Sorry, newcomers. I will have to give them something as an apology the next time.

“Can’t be helped then, I will do it… ah, but where do you want to dismantle it…? Is there any place for dismantling… here?”
“Oh my, that reminds me… I have to ask Gilbert-san where it would be fine.”

I see. I did not secure a dismantling place. I took it for granted just like in the fief, but here’s the Capital. They don’t stock up on whole Orcs to dismantle later here…
Head Chef quickly left the kitchen to find and confirm for me with the steward Gilbert.

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