Chapter 438.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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May I have your permission?
Teacher Neil was mumbling in an obviously disappointed manner, but I wouldn’t let one of my children become the subject of his research anyway.
… Should I rewrite the collar for Kaguya so that she can retaliate at Teacher Neil if he tries to tamper with her…?

“And so, Teacher Neil about that Magic Beast… can I let Kaguya stay in my room?”
“Eh?… Ah, let’s see. I don’t think there would be a problem if she’s currently no different from an ordinary cat. However, you shouldn’t let her outside. Many students were forced to leave their pets back at home, so please consider their feelings.”

… I see, that’s right.
In my case, I’m in a special dormitory as a contractor of the Sacred Beasts, so I’ve been let off the hook.
Normally, my pets would have been sent back to the mansion or to Teacher Neil’s laboratory.
It wouldn’t be strange if other students thought that I was shown favoritism.

“Yes, I will be careful.”
“Having said that, you can let her act freely within the dormitory if there are no problems with her behavior.”
“Thank you very much.”
“That being the case, you can bring her here right now…”
“No, she has a fear of strangers, so it would take some time for her to get used to the new environment.”

You are not planning on bullying her, are you?
I won’t let you do that, you know?

“Ehh~… is that so? That’s too bad.”
“I’m sorry about that.”

It’s a lie that she has a fear of strangers, but Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama are here. I bet Kaguya wouldn’t come no matter what.
That being said, Kaguya is going to live here from now on too, so it would be for the best if she got used to the environment here.
I also got permission for her to move freely around the dormitory, after all.
… Huh? That reminds me, I don’t see Teacher Neil’s Magic Beasts anywhere. Like that monkey, for example.


“Umm, where do you keep your Magic Beasts, Teacher Neil?”
“N? In my own room and the research lab. I made sure that the Magic Beasts in my room don’t try to leave it. They like to play pranks on the maids that come to clean and cook, so Mrs. Dora prohibited me from letting them out.”

Teacher Neil chuckled, but no matter how small they are, they are still Magic Beasts, so their pranks will be surely scary to people.
When that monkey got frightened by Kurogane and Mashiro, it was calling Teacher Neil “Stupid!” and stuff.
Their degree of mischievousness might depend on the person.

“Come to think of it, those kids have been quiet since you guys came. I wonder if they are also getting shy because of the number of people in the dormitory increased?”

Teacher Neil laughed “Ahaha”… but I believe they are simply scared by the presence of the higher-ranked Divine and Sacred Beasts.
Although Kaguya got used to Kurogane and Mashiro and started bluffing around them, she still goes into the reverse gear before the Divine Beasts that are Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama.
Even now, she’s obediently staying in the room because of their presence.
Having said that, if I tell him about it, he might ask me a lot of questions about it, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

“I will introduce my Magic Beasts to you on another occasion, so could you also let me meet that Nightwalk Leopard… err, Kaguya, was it? Before long?”
“Well, yes, once she calms down…”

I laughed “Hohoho”… in suitable deceit and sipped from the cup.
For the time being, Kaguya’s presence has been approved by Teacher Neil, and all concerns regarding her dormitory admission have been resolved… I think?

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