Chapter 126

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Let’s use it at once.
Oniisama and Prince Ray returned from the long ride.

Receiving a message from Miria, I went to the entrance hall in order to welcome them back.

“Welcome back. How was your ride?”
“We are back, Cristea. The sandwiches were delicious. I had fun after a long while, but I’m exhausted.”

Oniisama who replied while smiling didn’t look tired at all. Yeah, I’m sure he got tired of Prince Ray.

“Miss Cristea, you should have gone with us.”
“Horseback riding is not my forte…”
“If that’s so, then I- “I should have let you ride with me.” …”
“… Thank you very much. But, I will practice so I can ride by myself.”

… I think the horses would get frightened by Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s presences and wouldn’t approach me if I were to approach them in order to mount them at the moment…

“Rather than that, I’m thinking of having the dinner earlier than usual in the garden today, is that all right with you?”
“In the garden?”
“Yes, I wanted you to eat what I made today fresh. I came up with something clever for variety’s sake.”

Saying such, I guided the two to the garden.

“This is… I don’t think this was here in the morning…?”
“Yes, I made today.”

What I made was a kiln.
I somehow managed to make it with earth magic, you know! I gave it a trial run during the day and it worked perfectly!

I take out the flat, round dough I made while preparing the vegetables in the morning.

“This is… bread?”
“Something similar.”

I place tomato sauce, cheese, and basil-like herb on the dough.
Yes. It’s pizza. Margherita!
I don’t have mozzarella as you might have expected, so it’s a fake Margherita, but the test piece was tasty, so it’s fine!

Once the preparations were done, I placed it on top of the hastily made peel? Peeler? What was it called again? I placed it on the shovel you put pizzas on and inserted it into the kiln.
When I wanted to do it myself during the trial run, I got scolded by Shin because it was apparently dangerous. Dejected. Even though I wanted to do it myself…

Pulling myself together, all that’s left to do is to take it out at the estimated baking time and it’s done!
I cut it with a knife since I don’t have the rotary pizza cutter…
Now then, let’s eat!

“Now, eat up. Ah! This might seem like bad manners, but this is eaten with hands, so Oniisama and Prince Ray have to properly wash your hands first, okay!?”

Just in case, I cast clear magic on everyone’s hands. Now then, now then, let’s eat~!

“Wafu! Hot… but, it’s delicious!”
“…! Hafu…! This is…! Splendid!”

Prince Ray opened his eyes wide after a single bite and his hands didn’t stop working.

“Hot…! Fuu, fuu… n, this is good, delicious…!”

Oniisama also kept eating while stuffing his cheeks with the piping hot pizza.

“Fufu, it’s tasty, isn’t it? I will bake more, so eat a lot, okay?”

Of course, I didn’t bake only Margherita. I made one with teriyaki chicken and mayonnaise, one spicy with sausage, one with soft potatoes and curry paste on top… I baked many, but they all quickly disappeared. Prince Ray’s guards also cheerfully ate while taking turns.
I would feel sorry for the guards if they couldn’t eat after smelling such appetizing smell after all.

Okaasama felt it wasn’t proper to like that, so she brought it to her room where I had the various pizza sent, but later, Okaasama’s personal maid came for a second helping, so she must have liked it.
Okaasama, even though it’s so delicious when freshly baked…

I thought Otousama, Oniisama, and Prince Ray would struggle for every slice, but it seems that each had different preferences, so they ate in good spirits while compromising with each other. I’m glad.


“Fumu. This pizza is called Margherita, huh.”
“It’s delish~”
“It’s good, but a bit plain. I prefer this teriyakichikin one.”
“Yeah, that’s also delish~”

After the pizza party, I handed over a few pizzas I kept in my inventory to Mashiro and Kurogane. As I thought, they prefer the one with meat~

Ah~ ah~… Mashiro… you don’t have to stuff your cheeks so much… you look adorable though.
Ahhh… there’s sauce all over your mouth… I will wipe it for you with a wet towel.

… Am I a granny or something?

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