Chapter 446.1

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Tasting the food!
The rice and miso soup that everyone cooked together was ready.
Sei and the others were eager to help with the cooking in the future, so I will make sure they learn to do it little by little.
Hmm, I’m sure this won’t be enough, so I’m going to serve up some extra ginger Orc meat that I have been stocking in my inventory.
Fortunately, I have plenty of it in my inventory in case of an emergency, and I will be able to replenish it when I get home.
I will do my best where I can. But also, I need to cut corners. This is important.
I have classes coming up, so I need to take it easy on myself.

“… I have never seen a menu like this before.”

Teacher Neil, who had returned after feeding the Magic Beasts, was puzzled when he saw the Japanese food that had been served.

“It’s cuisine from Sei-sama’s birthplace of Yahatul. Our family has been cooking with ingredients from Yahatul for a long time. There is a trading company in our territory that deals in Yahatul goods, and that is what got me interested in it. I hope it is to your taste.”
“Heeh… so this is Yahatul’s…”

As Teacher Neil looked on with interest, Sei explained.

“They are dishes from my birthplace, so I helped with the cooking. This is rice… you can think of it as a substitute for bread. And this is miso soup, a soup made with a flavoring called miso. And this is, erm…”

Sei glanced at me, so I decided to explain on his behalf.

“This is Orc meat friend with ginger… the herb we call zingy in our country is also used as seasonings in Yahatul.”
“Eh? You cook with herbs!?”

Teacher Neil was surprised, but it has been a long time seeing a reaction like his, since it’s been recognized as an ingredient in our family.
“Yes. When used in cooking, zingy (ginger) can be used to eliminate odors and has a nice accent.”
“Heeh… it eliminates odor? I learned something new.”

Teacher Neil took out his notepad and quickly wrote it down.


“And this Orc meat? How did you manage to get it when it’s so scarce these days? I have been having a hard time finding enough to feed the Magic Beasts. I finally managed to get a whole one recently.”

Ah… that’s the fault of our bacon business, I’m sure.
Recalling the Orc’s freshly severed head from the other day I ended up belching from, I started feeling a bit sorry.
My inventory is still stocked, so I might as well offer some orcs next time when I visit my parents.
I would feel sorry if the Magic Beasts didn’t have anything to eat.

“Some Magic Beasts like to eat internal organs, so I’m having a difficult time getting the internal organs from a different route. Previously, I have been ordering them from the slums, but I wasn’t able to get them there recently…”

Ugh… I would like you to stop talking about something so grotesque like internal organs during the meal.
N? Ordering internal organs from the slums? Isn’t that…

“Teacher Neil, did you perhaps teach the residents of the slums how to deal with internal organs?”
“Eh?… Yeah, I taught them. They were cooking the internal organs as they were, the bad odors included, so I thought I would teach them how to make them taste better, if even a little bit.”

… To think that the person I have heard about while I was making sausages was Teacher Neil!

“Well~ I have tried challenging myself to eat the same thing the Magic Beasts did, but it stank so bad the way I prepared it. I did a lot of research on it and just taught them the results. But, why do you know of that?”

… His love for Sacred Beasts & Magic Beasts is so strong he even tried to eat the same thing as them… Teacher Neil really is… a Magic Beast fo… no, ner… no, well, what is he? He’s eager to learn, isn’t he!

“So it was like that… I heard rumors about it from the chefs at home, so I thought it might be you.”
“Ehh? I’m curious about what kind of rumors they were, but… oh well. Well, it was a failure.”

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