Chapter 539.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Harvesting with everyone.
Alicia-sama was silently searching for medicinal plants, comparing them to the notes she had written about their characteristics, carefully collecting them, leaving the roots behind, and storing them in a special pouch.
Observing closely, Alicia-sama’s attitude is usually snooty, but she is a very serious girl.
She has a lot of magic power and always gets high scores on her exams.
An elite person would be someone like Alicia-sama, I guess.
In my case, I’m only a cheat because I can apply the knowledge from my previous life.
If it weren’t for His Highness Raymond’s matter, I might have become friends with Alicia-sama since we are classmates… It’s a shame. It’s really regrettable.
She’s still under the misconception that I’m a strong candidate for His Highness’ fiancée, and I would like to clear up that misunderstanding, but there’s nothing I can do about it…

“… Do you have something to say?”

Alicia-sama noticed that I was staring at her.
She asked without even glancing in my direction.

“Eh, umm, I mean… err, that… ah! That might look like a Papalia, but it’s actually a plant named Babalis, and it has the opposite effects when interchanged!”
“It’s true. The trick is to distinguish between the white underside of the leaves, which is Papalia, and the slightly bluish underside of the leaves, which is Babalis.”

I’m sure of this because I learned it from Kurogane when I used to go harvesting in the forests of our territory.
Alicia-sama immediately checked the underside of the leaf after hearing my explanation, and when she saw that it was blue, she let out a sigh and removed her hand from the leaf.

“… Thank you very much for telling me.”
“…! Not at all! I am glad I could be of help.”

Ohh, she thanked me.
I was surprised because I thought she would say, “That’s none of your business!” or something like that.
Well, after that, she looked frustrated and added what I explained to her notes. …… haha.
She doesn’t seem to be a bad kid at heart.


“Cristea-sa~n! There seem to be a lot of herbs over there, why don’t we head that way?”

Mariel-chan got the information from Ruby and asked me if we should move there.
As long as the roots of the herbs remain, they will revive the next day with healing magic, but it is against the rules of the Harvesting Forest to cut down all the medicinal plants in the same place, so after collecting some, we must move to another place.
It’s said that this is a rule that must be followed to keep the resources alive even after graduation from the academy, or rather, it’s thoroughly enforced at the academy as good manners for those who collect herbs.

“Certainly, I think we should leave this area for now and move on.”

New students tend to get so absorbed in harvesting that they end up mowing the entire area, so the supervisor has to think about the amounts of harvesting done in one area and a proper timing to move to another. It’s hard work being a supervisor.

“That so? Hey, everyone, let’s get together and move out. Oh, it’s almost noon. Okay, let’s have a meal at the place we are going to.”

We were called together by Oniisama and Hector-sama, and Ruby led the way to the next harvesting site.

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