Chapter 540.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Before lunch.
“There are quite a few around here.”

Ruby guided us to the next harvesting area, and we found a place that looked like a good resting place.

“The place is just right, so let’s have lunch here. Have you all secured yourself a proper lunch? If not, I’ll give you some of the food that we carry during the Knight’s course. It doesn’t taste good though, hahaha.”

Hector-sama said with a laugh.
Dried meat, hard bread, hard cheese, and dried fruits.
I remember Otousama worrying that it would be bad for the morale of the knights.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to bring it with us.”

When Sei answered, Hector-sama made a blatantly disappointed face.

“… I see~ I was hoping to get some feedback from you.”

According to what I have heard, the Knights are currently in the process of taking a survey of the public to find out how bad the food they carry is when they submit a petition to improve the rations.
Since the Knights Order alone is not enough, they are also asking for cooperation from students at the academy who are about to graduate as apprentices of the Knights Course.
Although it was only a request and not mandatory, they make it clear that people should submit even the minimum as a part of their duty…
The sighing Hector-sama looked like a pathetic businessman struggling to meet his quota.

“… I can taste test a little if you’d like.”
“Me too. Well, I know what it tastes like, though.”
“Ohh! Thank you!”

When Sei and Adry-sama came forward, Hector-sama’s eyes lit up with joy.

“Umm, if it’s only a little, then I can…”
“E, err, then, me too…”

When I and Mariel-chan offered help, Hector-sama shook his head.

“No, I would feel too guilty that I let you girls eat it. These fellas impressions are enough.”
“Hector Nii, that’s cruel!”


The sound of Adry-sama’s screamed protest was so funny that we all laughed.

“There, these are the standard rations of the Knights.”

Hector-sama unfolded the food and showed it to us.
This is the same lineup that I remember hearing about from Otousama before.

“Ugh, it looks as bad as ever…”

Adry-sama frowned when he saw the food Hector-sama was carrying.
He has Knights in his family, so he probably ate it during training, so he seems to know what it tastes like.

“How do you usually eat this?”
“Eh? Slice it up and eat it like that.”

Seriously? That’s not good.
I heard that they have to chew a lot and wash it down with water or wine repeatedly because it dries your mouth… but that kind of meal is so boring.

“Umm, wouldn’t it be better if you cooked it a little…?”
“There aren’t many Knights that can cook, you know? If they are staying out for a long period of time, Knights are served soup, only while camping at night though, and to be honest, it’s not very tasty either…”

Hector and Adry-sama looked at us with distant looks on their faces.

“That, can you give me a minute?”
“N? What is it?”

I put cheese on a slice of brown bread and held up my palm next to Hector-sama’s tilted head.

“O, oi. What are you…”

I imagined heat gathering in the palm of my hand and circulated magic power.
As I felt my palm heat up, the cheese began to warm up as bubbles started popping on top.

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