Chapter 540.2

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Before lunch.
“E… ehhh?”

As Hector-sama and Adry-sama stared at me with blank stares, I pretended to take out a vial of honey from my pocket (inventory).

“You do this like this… Here you go.”

I drizzle the honey on top of the melted cheese, and the brown bread with honey and cheese was ready.
I prepared the rest of the brown bread in the same exact way and served it to everyone.

“Here you go, Alicia-sama.”

Mariel-chan’s and Alicia-sama’s portion was topped with plenty of honey.

“Ah… yes, t, thank you.”

Oh, good. She accepted it.

I was prepared to have it knocked out of my hands and be told, “Something this crude-looking is not food!”
Maybe there was no reason to refuse because the ingredients were common, but maybe Alicia-sama is not a bad person, just as I thought.

“Sa… say, can I eat this already?”

Hector-sama and Adry-sama were fidgety, as if they couldn’t wait any longer.
It was funny because they looked like dogs being told to “Wait,” so I gave them permission to go ahead while trying to hold back my laughter. And then, their expressions brightened as if saying, “We’ve been waiting for this!” and then they both let out “Nn!?” with their eyes sparkling.

“Mmhh…! Is this the usual bread and cheese!? I’m not making a mistake, am I?”
“The melty cheese is delicious! And the liquid on top is honey, right? It tastes totally different with it on top.”
“You are right. This would make the provisions carried on the person easier to eat.”
“Yes, the bread is just a tad too hard, but it’s easy to eat.”
“I might luv dis~! The sweetness and saltiness is just right.”
“… It’s so-so. It’s amazing how a combination of those kinds of ingredients could create something edible. Just how did you do it?”


I’m glad to hear that it was generally well received.
But you know what, Mariel-chan? You may have felt like you had to do the food report as soon as possible, but it would be more polite if you finished your meal first.
And, surprisingly, Alicia-sama gave me a comment, too!
… She complimented me… didn’t she?

“Well, I consciously gathered heat in the palm of my hand to melt the cheese. If you can’t do fire magic, I think you could light a fire and sear the cheese on a skewer. And if you bring a small bottle of honey, just licking it when you are tired will make a difference.”

Dried meat and dried fruits are a good source of protein and vitamins. Dried meat is tough and makes your jaw work harder, so if at least bacon could be added to the provisions, it could be used for cheese bacon toast, so I have to ask Ash the Silver Wolf, who makes bacon in our territory, to try his best to mass produce it.

“A, amazing! You would make a great wife, Miss Cristea!”

I was surprised at Hector-sama’s sudden words.
I thought I would be asked why a Duke’s daughter knows how to cook, after all.
I’m not sure if Hector-sama is the type of person who doesn’t care about that kind of thing.

“Ah, you are a noble young lady, so you probably won’t cook after you marry, right? Even though you would make such a good wife, what a waste. You are the type I’d like to marry, next to Mariel-chan’s!”

No, thanks.
Besides, I will cook regardless of whether I’m a married or not, and if anything, I cook dinner with everyone in the dorm on a daily basis.

“… Oi, Hector. Come with me for a moment.”
“Eh? Why, Norman. I wanna eat a little longe… eh? Hey, oii!”

Oniisama grabbed Hector-sama by the scruff of his neck and dragged him to the shadow of the tree, and after a while, Hector-sama followed him back with a frightened face..
… Oniisama, what did you do?

“Eh, just what happened between those two…? Perhaps… that thing?”

Mariel-chan… your cheeks might be dyed in anticipation, but I don’t think what you are thinking is possible…?

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