Chapter 55

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It was delicious.
“Now then everyone, eat up?”

I retrieve the dishes in succession from the inventory and start entertaining Sei and the four divine beasts.

“Ohh! I was waiting for this!”
“Cristea-dono, it turned into a banquet.”
“Itadakimasu wa!”
“… Masu.”

… Un, as I thought their hands reach for the meat first… although it’s just like a snack for these gluttons.
Because I can’t consider meat as a snack, I stretched my hands towards my favorite potato chips first.

A crispy sound resounded.
Ahh… this is it. This mouthfeel.
How nostalgic~ my hands won’t stop~

As I continued crunching the potato chips, Sei who finished eating seemed curious, so he stretched his hands towards the potato chips too.

“Hou… this is quite a delicacy… the light mouthfeel makes you want to eat more…”

He stretched out his hands towards the potato chips one after another while saying such. Yeah, yeah. Isn’t that right, isn’t that right? You can’t stop, can you!

“Oh! This potato is tasty too! It has quite a different taste when you soak it in the red stuff!”

Byakko-sama placed karaage and salad between two slices of bread and ate fried potatoes in the spare moments… Byakko-sama is winning in the food avarice department, isn’t he…

“Fumu… for the same potatoes to change so much depending on the dish…”

Seiryou-sama admired while alternating between potato chips and fried potatoes.

“… Seconds.”


Genbu-sama, you eat quite a lot, don’t you…?
The food around Genbu-sama has splendidly disappeared. W, when did he… rather, where in that small, slender body did it disappear to!? To be able to eat and not gain fat, how envious! Moreover, his fuel consumption is bad too!

“Oh dear…! What a discovery…! When you mix this red stuff with the white stuff in the salad, it has a very sensual flavor…!”

Ah, you mean the aurora sauce? It’s Suzaku-sama’s stable erotic food reportage… Aurora sauce isn’t particularly sensual, you know? … Ah, she got absorbed in another world again… un, let’s leave her alone. Let’s do that.

“Cristea-dono, I apologize like always. They are all gluttons…”

Sei ate lots too, okay?
In fact, you have loosened your obi just a little while ago, you know?

No? It’s fine, you know?
I’m very happy that it suited everyone’s tastes after all. It was worth making!

“Ah, right, right. Sei? May I request ingredients for the next souvenir?”

Because they are such big eaters, there was a proposal from Sei to pay for the food expenses, but it’s impossible for the Duke house to accept food expenses from the guests. Sei couldn’t accept that I have politely declined and decided to bring me any articles I wish for from the Bastea Company.
I requested a vinegar this time.
Fufufu. Beastea Company is full of unusual articles that can’t be acquired in Doristan otherwise, so it really helps…! It’s getting warm, so I would like to make a sour menu to increase appetite.


When I went to the kitchen after seeing Sei and the rest off, there was a large number of potatoes for some reason…
Did they find the potato salad, potato chips, and fried potatoes delicious, so they made an additional purchase because they wanted to eat more…?
F, for what reason have I made dishes from potatoes…!

For a short while since that day, there was a potato boom in the Ellisfeed House…to the extent I don’t want to see piles of potatoes for a while…

The addictive junk food development, no way, definitely not…!

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