Chapter 56

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Idle Talk ~The road to spread TKG is still far…
The other day, I came up with a method to eat TKG safe and securely by using Cleaning magic. After that, I have been freely enjoying TKG, but…

“Everyone doesn’t want to eat it for some reason…”

Haa, I sigh and complain to O-Sei-chan.

“That’s only given. Isn’t it common sense that eating eggs raw will upset your stomach?”

Saying such, she pushed the TKG I placed in front of her away.
Ahh, O-Sei-chan too, huh…

“Even chefs who are usually brimming with curiosity about the dishes I cook are stubbornly refusing…”

As for Shin, he was absolutely disgusted because his acquaintance adventurer once tried his luck by drinking raw eggs on the brink of death only for his condition to worsen.

In the end, “The reason Ojou is all right is surely only because Ojou’s stomach is healthier than anyone else” he said something so rude… nuwaa, what did you say?!
Are you trying to say that the stomach of a robust adventurer is more delicate than that of a Duke’s daughter’s!!? How rude… uuu… why am I, a Duke’s daughter getting dissed by the servants, I wonder…

“Well, it’s not eaten raw normally after all.”

No, you are currently stuffing yourself with TKG, aren’t you? Moreover, you are aiming for O-Sei-chan’s portion as well?? Byakko-sama?

“That’s correct. They have to be cooked in Yahatul too. Life comes before freshness after all… that’s irrelevant to us divine beasts, though…”

Suzaku-sama said while munching on TKG. She seems to be concentrating on eating although her eyes occasionally swim around. This is Suzaku-sama aiming for seconds, isn’t it?

“All of you seem fine with raw eggs, yes?”

Genbu-sama is eating in silence too. He cleaned up the last grain of rice and straightforwardly presented the empty bowl.

“… N. Fine. Seconds.”


Yes, yes. I serve the rice, put in the egg I cleared with Cleaning magic and hand it over.

Today, I chopped konbu into small pieces to make dashi and tsukudani, then I minced pseudo-chicken meat and made other various things, so I arrange the TKG to everyone’s liking.
As for me, I like my TKG simple, just mixed together with natto on top… natto… I have to get my hands on it… will I be able to somehow manage with straws?

“We, the divine beasts are taking in the magical power of the maker of the dish rather than absorbing the nutrients after all. Of course, we also enjoy the taste, though… Ah, I would like seconds too.”

Seiryou-sama too I see, yes, here you go.
O-Sei-chan started eating when I served her ordinary white rice with minced bird meat.

“In the first place, I don’t understand this ‘bacteria elimination or sterilization’.”

O-Sei-chan doesn’t seem to understand the “bacteria elimination – sterilization” I talked about when explaining the Cleaning magic’s effect.
Well, of course… of course she wouldn’t know about microbes and germs… I don’t know how I should explain…

… Huh? Wait a moment? If you don’t understand the concept of bacteria elimination・sterilization, then perhaps the Cleaning magic has no such effect… it’s not something like that, is it…?

… No, it’s possible.

If we go by “Image is important for magic”, people who aren’t aware of the existence of bacteria and germs wouldn’t possibly understand bacteria elimination and sterilization.
… Does that mean that I’m the only one who is able to freely enjoy TKG…?

… Oh my gawd. To not be able to spread this deliciousness…!
No, I won’t give up! I will do my best until the day when everybody can eat the delicious TKG freely!

Do I start from spreading the concept of hygiene…? Teach the adults, so they would explain the existence of germs to the children… no, adults are thickheaded, so I should by spreading it through children… hmm.

Ah, how about a picture book? You know, there was something similar about germs being the bad guys. Would something like that work??


Thus, once the notion of hygiene spread through the Ellisfeed House, the epidemic of common cold decreased rapidly…
How strange? Even though the purpose was the popularization of TKG…? It’s all right in the end, though!

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