Chapter 57

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Oniisama is apparently coming home.
“Oh my, Oniisama is returning for holidays? That is quite rare, isn’t it?”

While having breakfast, Otousama informed me that Oniisama who is living in a dormitory in the Royal Capital’s academy is coming home after a long time.

“Yeah. According to the letter Norman sent, he will be spending his summer holidays here.”

Eh? That’s truly rare… Our fief is vast, but our mansion is not that far off from the capital. Although a day trip would be impossible, the distance is not a big deal. However, Oniisama has always stayed in our mansion in the capital when having a few days off…
His Highness the Crown Prince is his classmate and best friend, so Oniisama’s whose future is to be his right-hand man said “I have to be by His Highness’ side as much as possible!” and his sense of duty got fired up. Well, although that was his official stance, I’m guessing that he’s having fun times with His Highness in the capital.
He will surely get bored staying here quickly and immediately return to the Royal Capital… I feel a bit lonely.
I wanted to hear stories about the academy in preparation for my enrollment though…

“Hmm. We have to prepare a feast for Oniisama’s return, don’t we?”

Oniisama who is returning home will surely get surprised by the dishes cooked with Yahatul ingredients, won’t he… fufufu. Let’s put all my skills into action!

“Ah, right. His Highness the Crown Prince is returning with Norman for inspection and he plans on staying in our home.”
“Eh!? His Highness the Crown Prince is going to stay here…!?”

Ha? What’s that? What’s going on!?

“The dishes that have been invented here are apparently getting popular in the Royal Capital, so he seems to want to eat the real thing. Norman hasn’t returned home for a long time now, so it was just the right time.”

Deeeee!? My cooking is his aim? Why!? Why is it getting popular in the Royal Capital… ah, I see… we sold the recipes…

Oh crap. To let His Highness the Crown Prince to eat my cooking… even though there are more wonderfully delicious dishes in the capital, why did he think of coming here!?

“Well, it’s because I was boasting how delicious the dishes you have invented are in the royal palace.”

Nooooo, Otousama!! Why are you glossing over it like that!? Being a doting parent has its limitsssss!!! If by any chance His Highness the Crown Prince is not pleased with the dishes, it won’t become a lese majeste for letting him eat something bad, will it!? Awawawawa…

“Ye, yes!! Okaasama! What is it!?”

What is it, I feel… a tremendous pressure from Okaasama…?

“Do you understand? You have to create a menu that will suit the tastes of His Highness, all right!?”

Of, of course! I would like to excuse myself from committing lese majeste!! I nod seriously.

“If he’s pleased with it, you might gain a lead over the other noble misses to be his fianceé candidate after all!!”

I can’t sit like this! I have to prepare a dress for Cristea! Okaasama said with sparkling eyes and rough, nasal breathing. Ehhh… that’s very unlikely…

“No! It’s still too early for Cristea’s engagement! I won’t allow it even if it’s His Highness the Crown Prince!”

Otousama’s breathing got rough in a different meaning.
No, no… even if he’s pleased with me, he will be pleased with me as a chef, right?
From talking about a Duke’s daughter who cooks, to the fianceé candidate of His Highness the Crown Prince…

While calmly, or rather apathetically watching the two, I silently resumed eating my breakfast.
Ah~ nukadzuke is delicious…

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