Chapter 499.1

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Let’s do our best together, shall we?
“… And that’s about all I have to explain. We will be consulting with each of you individually until the lunch break, so please think about which course you would like to take. You can all consult with each other until I call your name. Let’s see, who should we start with?”

Teacher Neil spoke and called one of the students by name.
Let’s see… Tryn Taylor, was it?
I remember he introduced himself and said he was the son of a merchant who dealt mainly in clothing.
I heard that his mother was a former daughter of a viscount, and that’s why his magic powers were a little higher.
As he sat down in the chair by the teacher’s desk next to the podium, Teacher Marlen activated what appeared to be a small magic tool on the desk.
I thought I heard a slight high-pitched sound, and after that I couldn’t hear any more of their voices, even though Teacher Marlen and Teacher Neil seemed to be talking about something.

“Is that a… soundproofing magic tool? But I have never seen one that small… is it an improved version or…?”

Behind me, Ronnie-sama, who seemed to be a magic and magic tool geek, was muttering to himself.
I see… a soundproofing magic tool.
I have always used magic to deploy soundproofing barriers, so I didn’t know there were special magic tools for that.
Come to think of it, there were also barrier tools at the magic tool shop back in the fief.


Mariel called out to me weakly.

“Mariel-san, what’s the matter?”
“Take a look at this, please…”

She then held out to me the form that had just been handed out to us. The following was a list of the required classes that Mariel-chan must take.

“T, there’s so many…”

Although she was exempted from general education and geography classes, there were a lot of classes required of a noblewoman, such as lady’s education and history.


“I’m so sorry. I knew I should have had hired a tutor before I entered the school…”
“Hmm… If you don’t get a letter of recommendation from your tutor, you won’t be exempt from classes, so sometimes it’s better to take classes at the academy.
See, recall what Teacher Neil said. He said that if you are deemed to understand the course well enough while taking, you will be excused from it.”
“That may be true, but what about you… Cristea-san?… Eh, wow! Aren’t you exempted from almost everything!?”

Mariel-chan looked at my printout and exclaimed loudly, causing the people around me to make a fuss.

“Eh… exempted from almost everything, is that possible?”
“Is there even a reason to attend the academy?”

… You are right. But the only thing that exempts you is that you have the basics. If you want to get more into specialization, you will have a lot to learn, so it makes sense to come, right… I think.
In my case, you know, socializing and making friends is one of the purposes.

“I, I’m sorry…”

Mariel-chan apologized for the attention she had inadvertently drawn to me.

“No, it’s okay.”

Yeah, I feel like it’s too late to worry about standing out, so you don’t have to worry about it, Mariel-chan…

“But with so many exemptions, there will be nearly no classes to take together with you, Cristea-san…”

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