Chapter 498.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Self-introductions and guidance.
“For now, I will give you a list of required courses and a list of courses to take individually, so come get them when your name is called.”

Teacher Neil called our names, and one after another, we headed to the front to pick up the printouts.
I was called too, so I quickly picked it up and returned to my seat to check the contents.
… Huh? Isn’t this strange?
General education is easy, so it’s good that I am exempt from everything. As for the etiquette studies, because I learned how to behave as a noble, I can participate only in what I want and take the practical exam.
As for the magic studies, I am also exempt from lectures for beginners, and I can be exempted from the practical skills too depending on the first exam… and so on.
Eh, there are almost no classes for me to take except for the lectures where practical skills is mandatory.
It seems that Monsterology was required, but when I looked up at the thought of being exempted from magic studies… Teacher Marlen grinned at me.

“What’s the matter, Miss Cristea. You don’t need lectures on elementary magic, no? Or would you like another one of my lectures?”
“No, I mean…”

Even with Teacher Marlen’s approval, I still have a strong yearning to attend lectures on magic because I was a fan of famous fantasy novels in my previous life.
I would like to try to actually use magic and stuff like that with everyone…
… Hm?

“… Teacher Marlen’s lectures?”

When I looked at the owner of the voice, I saw Ronnie-sama standing up shakily and looking at me
……Ah, ahaaaaahah!?
Teacher Marleeeen!!
Don’t let Ronnie-sama find out so quicklyyyy!

“Don’t tell me… that Teacher Marlen has been tutoring at Duke Ellisfeed’s all this time…?”

Hieeeh, I can’t see very well through his bottle-bottomed glasses, but I can see he’s staring at me like crazyyy!
I involuntarily turned my face away.
No, I didn’t do anything wrong, right!?
I didn’t force Teacher Marlen to retire, okay!?
He was really enjoying his retirement, you know?

“Umu, that’s right. So I’m very aware of Miss Cristea’s abilities.”

Teacher Marlen replied proudly with a flick of his beard.


“… How envious…!”

He slammed his clenched fist down on the desk with a thud, and I heard him grit his teeth.
… I’m too scared to turn around.

“Yes, yes, you over there. You should be seated for now. You’re going to be taught as much as you want. Next, let’s talk about the optional classes…”

Teacher Neil told Ronnie-sama to be seated without worrying about his condition and continued his explanation.
At times like this, I envy Teacher Neil’s strong mentality of not reading the air.
I felt a piercing stare from behind me, but I didn’t dare turn around, so I decided to concentrate on Teacher Neil’s explanation.

“We explained about the required courses up to this point, but now, I will hand you printouts for the optional courses.”

According to Teacher Neal, in addition to the required courses, there are optional courses for those who want to learn about the profession they want to become in the future or be in specialized fields.
For the nobility, there are courses such as diplomacy to learn how to manage a fiefdom and how to relate with other countries, and courses to learn how to act as a lady without embarrassment, etc. For merchants and commoners, there are courses to learn economics and how to behave with nobles, and courses to acquire knowledge necessary for servants such as maids and servants. In short, the main courses are meant to be vocational training so that students will not be in trouble after graduation.
The main courses are meant to be vocational training, so that they can help them after they graduate.
I had heard about these courses before, but I didn’t realize that you have to study them from the first year… Well, it’s true that some skills can only be acquired through experience, so I guess it’s best to start early.

“You should think about which courses you want to take based on your future. If you don’t choose a course this year, you can add or change it next year, so there is no need to rack your brains too much about it for now.”

It seems that there is no severe penalty for not earning credits for optional courses or not being able to advance to the next year, but the academy will not issue letters of introduction or recommendation for students to get the job they want upon graduation.
… That’s a lot of hard studying, isn’t it?
I listened to Teacher Neil’s explanation of each course, and decided to think carefully about which course to choose.

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