Chapter 498.1

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Self-introductions and guidance.
After a few introductions, Adry-sama was pointed at, so he stood up.

“I’m Adrian Nelson, call me Adry. My father, as you might know, is a Knight Commander. I plan to become a knight in the future and fight for my country, so I’m going to learn a lot of magic at the academy that I can use in battle. Nice to meet you!”

Oou… what a muscle-brainy self-introduction.
I have to be careful not to be swept away, as I know a similar type of Sacred Beast-sama, with his sunny disposition.
After Adry-sama’s self-introduction, it was Alicia-sama’s turn next.

“… I am Alicia Gruzier.”

“Eh? Err, is there anything else? Like your favorite things, hobbies, or just saying hello to everyone.”
“No, nothing in particular.”

After she answered Teacher Neil’s question without any hesitation, Alicia-sama told him, “Please hurry up to the next person.”

“A, alright? Then, next… Miss Cristea.”

Teacher Neil had been choosing people at random, regardless of their status, so I stood up in a hurry when I was suddenly chosen.

“My name is Cristea Ellisfeed. For various reasons, I have stayed in my family’s fief for a long time, so I hope we all can get to know each other.”

Since we are going to be classmates, I would like to be friends with you.
However, I have to be careful not to make friends with people who have ulterior motives, because they might cause trouble for Otousama and Oniisama.
When I was relieved that I had successfully introduced myself, Mariel-chan and Sei were chosen in succession.
Mariel-chan was nervous as usual and bit her tongue, but Sei was able to introduce himself without hesitation.
Since both Sei and I are contractors of Sacred Beasts, we attracted a lot of attention during the introduction, but I was glad that we didn’t get asked any questions about them.
But still, there were not many…
I had expected that the number of classmates would not be that large since it is a special class, but 12 students in total is… too little, isn’t it?
Considering the number of students filling that auditorium, is this considered enough?


“Ehmm, the special class is for those who have been judged to have the basic academic and magic abilities down, based on the results of the written exam and the aptitude test. Therefore, you are only required to attend the general education classes in which you have been judged to have a low level of understanding on the exam, and you will be excused from the rest of the classes. You will be contacted individually later about the classes you need to attend so that you don’t lose any credits, and you will take classes with the A class, but if the teacher deems that you understand the material well enough, you will be excused from the rest of the classes.”

The teacher in charge of the class will excuse us from further classes if they deem that we have understood the material well enough.

Teacher Marlen followed up on Teacher Neil’s nonchalant words.

“Umu. The reason we are exempting you from classes is that we expect you to further your studies on your own. It would be a waste to waste the time of talented people, wouldn’t it? However, if you become conceited because of your excellence, and slacken off and drop your grades, I will drop you to a lower class without mercy.”

At the words of Teacher Marlen, who was talking with a smile on his face, the faces of children, who until a few minutes ago had been so happy that they didn’t have to take classes were twitching.

“It’s as Teacher Marlen said. Of course, you can take the classes you are exempted from if you want to. And of course, you will be required to take the final exam at the end of the academic year.”

Some students looked fed up by Teacher Neil’s words.
Even though it’s a special class, if you’re exempted from that much, you are probably being treated way too favorably…
I’m sure they check for any decline in academic ability on the advancement exam and use that as a factor in determining the class placement for the next year.
I’m going to study the classes I don’t have to attend a little bit on my own as a reminder.

“The classes that you are required to attend are the ones that require practical training. For example, Monstorology that I am in charge of, and Teacher Marlen’s Magic Science!”

While everyone was looking at Teacher Neil, who was talking with a smug look on his face, Ronnie-sama was looking at Teacher Marlen intently.
… I guess he really likes magic.
He doesn’t know that Teacher Marlen had been my tutor since he retired, and if he finds out, he’s going to be… terribly jealous.
I will have to be careful.

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