Chapter 497.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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… Who?
“Absolutely! Like the Founder King from the Founding Chronicles of the Doristan Kingdom, I’m going to kick the bad guys to the curb!”

… Kurogane isn’t here.
If he had heard what he just said, he might argue, “I’m not a bad guy, and I did not get kicked to the curb!”
If that happened, it would be known that the Fenrir, who fought against Leon-sama as written in the Founding Chronicle of the Doristan Kingdom, was Kurogane. Hieh!
I want to avoid that at all costs.
Because I have a feeling that it would only cause trouble.

“I hope you can make a contract while still in the academy.”

I answered with a smile.
I smiled and faked it. I will just have to use the worldly skills I have cultivated in my previous life to get through this!

“Geez, I’m afraid you have been making a lot of noise since a few minutes ago. Class will be starting soon, you know?”

I heard a reproachful voice from the seat behind, resounded. It was Alicia-sama.

“What’s up again, Ali. We’re going to be classmates from now on, so we all want to get along, you know?”
“! Stop calling me Ali in such a familiar tone just because we are childhood friends! Besides, the academy is a place where students compete with their abilities, so there is no need to get along…”
“Excuse her, she has been doing this since she was a tiny pipsqueak, but she has been getting quite naggy lately.”

Adry-sama ignored Alicia-sama and apologized to us.
Since she was a tiny pipsqueak, he said… we are still only 10 years old, you know?
The content of the conversation and the ease with which he spoke indicated that they were childhood friends, but his lack of delicacy only added fuel to the fire for Alicia-sama…

“What do you mean that I am naggy!?”

See? Alicia-sama turned red and stood up.
Just as she was about to come at us in a rage, the door opened.

“Yes, yes, take your seats~ let’s take the attendance.”

I was stunned to see Teacher Neil and an old man in a magician’s robes beside him… eh, Teacher Marlen!?
While I was stunned, Teacher Marlen grinned as if the prank had succeeded and proceeded to the podium, poking Teacher Neil with his cane, and saying, “Come on, hurry up.”
We hurriedly took our seats, straightened our postures, and looked at the podium.
What were Teacher Neil and Teacher Marlen doing here?


“Well, starting today, you guys, as new students, were assigned to different classes…”

Teacher Neil scratched his head as he continued.

“I, Neil, will be in charge of this special class, together with Teacher Marlen, who is an authority on magic. Thank you for your cooperation.”

As soon as Teacher Neil said that, there was a rattling sound from the seat behind us as he stood up.

“Te, Teacher Marlen will!? I had given up on becoming his student when I heard that he had retired a few years ago and had no plans to come back…!”

When I turned toward the voice, I saw a boy with dark blue, soft, cat-like hair wearing bottle bottom glasses, his cheeks flushed, and he was staring forward with a pleased look on his face.

“Ah~ ehrm… this is just fine, let’s start the introductions with you, shall we?”

When he realized that he was the center of attention because of Teacher Neil’s words, his face instantly turned blank and… he blurted out, “Ronnie Willard. I’m here to study magic and magic tools.” That was all he said, and after he was seated, he stared forward with sparkles in his eyes, or rather, he was staring at Teacher Marlen.
He’s… kind of a strange boy, isn’t he?
Speaking of the Count Willard’s family, they must be a family that produced many powerful magic users.
I guess he must have been excited to see Teacher Marlen, an authority on magic, whom he admired.
It must be my imagination that I felt like he had the same air as Teacher Neil, I’m sure.

“Good, next one…”

Teacher Neil was not concerned about what Ronnie-sama was doing.
He was looking around to see who should introduce themselves next.
… I wonder if it’s the kind of thing that doesn’t bother him because he feels like they are the same kind of people?

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