Chapter 499.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s do our best together, shall we?
Mariel-chan looked down sadly.
I saw a small animal looking sad and depressed, and I hurriedly held Mariel-chan’s hand.

“D, don’t worry. I’m going to take some classes as a refresher, okay?”

Mariel-chan reacted to my words with a twitch, and then squeezed my hand back.

“Really? Th, then, let’s take some classes together, such as ladies’ education!? And please tell me if there is anything I don’t understand about!?”

At Mariel-chan’s desperate expression, I nodded my head and said, “Yeah, yeah…”

“I, I’m glad… let’s do our best together!”

… It’s you, Mariel-chan, who has to work hard here, okay!?

Then Sei joined me, and while I, Mariel-chan and the other students were discussing which class to take, my turn came around.
I was approached by a student who had been consulting with the teachers before me and headed for the desk next to the podium, and on my way there I heard the same ringing in my ears as before.
As I moved further forward, I could no longer hear the surrounding noise that I had been hearing, so I guessed that I had entered the effective range of the magic tool.

“Yes, Miss Cristea. Sit down here.”

As I sat down, Teacher Neil looked at the printout in his hand and groaned, “Hmm…”

“You really are excellent, Miss Cristea. There are hardly any classes to take for you, are there? What are you going to do? Oh, if you want, why don’t you go to my lab and write a paper about the Sacred Beasts?”


Teacher Neil suggested with a very nice smile.
No, that’s your wish, isn’t it?
You just want to know about the Sacred Beasts yourself, don’t you?

“Nono, What are you talking about? You can be my assistant in my class, Miss Cristea. Oh, by the way, you’re interested in magic tools, too, aren’t you? Why don’t you help me with that as well?”

Teacher Marlen laughed cheerfully.

“Eh? I never told you that I was interested in magic tools, did I, Teacher Marlen…?”

I had asked him a lot of questions about magic, but I don’t think I ever asked him that much about magic tools.

“You know the magic tool craftsman in your domain, don’t you? He is my student. When I went to see him before returning to the Capital, I was told that the daughter of the Ellisfeed family is very interested in and understands magic tools, and that she has a bright imagination to create new magic tools. He asked me to take care of you and teach you properly… Isn’t that correct?”
“… It’s not.”

Ahhhhhh!? That magic tool craftsman otaku was also Teacher Marlen’s student!?
O, of course he was, to be able to create that many great things, he would have studied at the Adelia Academy… I heard that he was a resident of the Capital before moving to our fief.
At that time, Teacher Marlen was still teaching at the academy…

“I had certainly talked a bit with the magic tool craftsman in my family’s fief, but I have never created one myself, you know?”

Of course, I would be interested in making something useful, you know? Mainly cooking tools.
Where did the information about my imagination come from, though?

“Is that so? Well, with your amount of magic power, I’m sure we could try a lot of things, so I may ask you to be my assistant, and that being the case, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

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