Chapter 499.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s do our best together, shall we?
When I gave a noncommitted reply, Teacher Marlen laughed “Hohoho”, Teacher Neil stopped in panic.

“Wait a minute, Teacher Marlen! I have a favor to ask of Miss Cristea, too!”
“I’m sure the only thing you have to ask about is the Sacred Beasts. I’m sure that if you force Miss Cristea to do something, the Sacred Beasts won’t be happy, so I don’t think you should do anything untactful, alright?”

Yes, Teacher Marlen is right!
Kurogane and Mashiro will never let me do anything I don’t want to do, so don’t abuse your authority just because you’re in charge!

“Ugh… I’ll ask Miss Cristea and the Sacred Beasts to cooperate with me as much as they can… Well, about the classes…”

As Teacher Neil continued to talk with his shoulders slumped, I consulted with him, taking Mariel-chan into consideration as well.

In the end, I decided to attend classes mainly on the rules and regulations in the social world, such as etiquette and dancing, which Mariel-chan is concerned about.
There are some things about socializing that knowledge alone won’t help, and it will be a good opportunity to attend classes and interact with other noble girls.
After that, classes on Monsterology, Magicology, and Magic tool craftsmanship, etc., which are unique to this world, are a must.
I have always wanted to take classes like the fantasy ones in my previous life!


When I was one-on-one with Teacher Marlen, it was more like training than a class, and I learned magic so quickly after I got my memory back from my previous life that Teacher Marlen was amazed at how quickly I learned and how boring it was for him.

I heard that Mariel-chan was exempted from general education, which is excellent for a lower level noble.
Mariel-chan also has memories of her previous life, and she had overcome the ordeal of the Japanese examination wars, so it was as easy for her as it was for me.
On the other hand, since she had just become a noble, she was not very good in that area, so I decided to follow up with her.
She has to pass, at least just barely, or it would be too difficult for her in social circles if she were to fail.
She doesn’t think it’s necessary because she doesn’t want to marry a nobleman, but if she wants to help Baron Mayor with his work, it would be a good idea for her to learn something, or she will be at disadvantage.

Sei also lacked knowledge of history, geography, etiquette, and other subjects related to the Doristan Kingdom, so those were required for him, but he was almost exempt from every general education-type courses.

I would say this was also an excellent result, considering he is a foreign student.
Other than that, it looks like Adry-sama invited him to take a Knight course with him to learn swordsmanship and other things to become a Knight, but I wonder if he’ll be okay…?
He said he was adopted by a Yahatulian warrior family, so he seems to be doing Yahatulian martial arts, but it should be different… from the swordsmanship of the Doristan Kingdom, I think.
I will ask Byakko-sama about it later.

At any rate, the specialized course was not decided on immediately today, so I was told to take it to the dormitory and take my time deciding. After that, we went straight into the lunch break.

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