Chapter 515.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It was indeed thoughtless of me to invoke magic without chanting in the spur of the moment.
It doesn’t serve as a good example if I don’t do the chanting.
But magic chanting is so embarrassing that I don’t want to chant if I can help it…
The size of the ball was already more modest than usual, because I remembered that there was a senior who had a Waterball like this on yesterday’s observation, so I just matched it.
I thought about it, if that was the best magic for that senior, then I was… not at all modest, as I easily invoked it without chanting!

“Umm, Cristea-sama, how are you able to invoke magic without chanting?”

A student sitting nearby raised his hand and then asked.

“That’s a good question. What do you think, Miss Cristea?”

The teacher looked at me with interest.
This means you want me to answer, doesn’t it?
For a moment, I was puzzled, but then I turned to the students and saw that this was a good opportunity.

“Ahem. Umm… you are aware that in recent years, it has been said that imagination power is important to invoke magic, right?”

I looked at the student who had asked me the question, and he nodded.

“I figured that chanting does not, by itself, invoke magic, but rather helps the imagination before invoking it. So I tried releasing my magic power while imagining the magic being invoked only in my mind, and it worked.”

Saying this, I produced a small sphere of water in the palm of my right hand and showed it to him

“Of course, in order to invoke the magic properly, you need to observe actual water and flames on a regular basis so that you can imagine them in great detail.”


Saying this, I produced a small Fireball in the palm of my left hand.

“Eh! Water magic and fire magic at the same time!?”

The classroom was abuzz.
Eh, don’t tell me this is also an unusual… or something?
I was so flustered by my own further failures that I quickly cancelled the magic.

“… This all is possible with training. You can do more when you skip the chanting.”
“But isn’t it said that the more advanced magic is, the longer chanting it requires to succeed?”

Another student raised his hand and asked a question.
Uh, hey, yeah.
I think you just need to keep working on the image that’s going to be triggered instead of the long chanting.
The reason they don’t succeed is that they are so focused on chanting that they can’t visualize it, I’m sure.
When I pointed this out, Teacher Tobias mumbled, “I see… that makes a lot of sense…”

“Besides, while you are chanting, you are inevitably defenseless. For example, if you are in a fight or someone assaults you, will they wait for you to finish chanting? Would you be in a situation where you could leisurely chant in the first place?”

My words caused the classroom to quieten down to silence…
Not good, I had talked so severely to the freshmen.
I ended up remembering the battle scenes in the fantasy world of my previous life, and I spoke with great vigor…

“Be, besides, it can be very useful, too, you know? For example, serving hot water…”

Then, I filled a bowl on the teacher’s table with hot water, and seeing the shimmering steam, Teacher Tobias stuck his finger in and said, “It’s really hot! It’s really hot water!?” He withdrew his hand and shook it.
Teacher… I didn’t make it hot enough to burn you, but it’s not safe to put your fingers in so suddenly, so let’s not do that, okay?

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