Chapter 515.2

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“It has a variety of purposes, such as producing warm air.”

When I invoked a warm air, which was about the same level as the low wind setting from a hair dryer, to a nearby student, he was surprised at first, but soon he closed his eyes and was entranced, probably because the temperature was comfortable.
The student sitting next to him also put out his hand and looked at me with surprise, letting out, “Ohh…!?”
It would be useful to be able to do both these things, right?

“Chanting assists in invoking magic, but I think it can also be a hindrance. I would recommend that you eventually be able to invoke magic without chanting.”

I chuckled as I said this.
I’m the only one who uses chantless magic, so I stand out. Then everyone should be able to use it!
I’m brilliant!
Satisfied with my accomplishment, I bowed gracefully, and applause erupted from within the classroom.
Alicia-sama and her cronies gave a small round of applause with mushy expressions on their faces.
I was happy, but embarrassed!
As I was about to hurry back to my seat, Teacher Tobias grabbed me firmly by the shoulders.

“Miss Cristea, that was wonderful! You should write up a report on what you just said and submit it. I will waive your Elementary… no, even your Intermediate class!”
“Eh! No way!”
“Ehh!? Why!?”


Teacher Tobias looked at me in surprise.
If I am exempted even from the Magic Studies, I will have nothing to do at the academy!
This is not good. I might not be able to attend any classes at this rate.
I folded my hands and prayed to the teacher.

“I want to work with everyone to review and refine my magic from the elementary level. Please don’t exempt me from this…”

I said, and Teacher Tobias tightened his grip on my shoulders.

“Ohh, what a wonderful dedication. Yeah, you can keep coming to the class, but make sure you turn in your report!”
“Ehh? O, okay…”

In the end, I couldn’t avoid the report and for some reason I was the only one assigned homework. I can’t figure this out…!
After that, I just followed the teacher’s instructions and continued to perform magic as a successful example of what happens when magic is performed correctly.
Well, no matter how much magic power I have, I think you are being too hard on me, Teacher Tobias…
While I was working as a model student, I also taught the meaning of the chanting words to the students who were having trouble with their magic.
It was full of incomprehensible terms and difficult phrases.
When I replaced them with plain words and explained them to the students, they finally understood their meaning, and some students were able to invoke their magic successfully.
I really realized that chanting can be an aid, but for some people and in some cases, it is just a hurdle or shackles.
Teacher Tobias was nodding his head and taking notes while listening to my explanations… please do your job, Teacher.
Thus, I ended up being the teacher’s assistant for my first class of Elementary Course in Magic Studies.
How did this happen?

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