Chapter 516.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Enjoyable!? Lunchtime.
After the end of the Magical Studies class, we moved to the cafeteria for lunch.
Near the cafeteria, I called Mashiro and Kurogane to join, and we went inside after the two warped over.

“Cristea-san, that was amazing!”
“Yeah, that was very easy to understand.”
“Cristea is always amazing, you know?”
“Umu, My Lord’s wonderfulness is so natural.”
“That’s too much praise, everyone…”

After ordering a Japanese set meal and sitting down at an empty seat, the topic of the Magic Studies class soon came up.

“I mean, thanks to your easy-to-understand explanations of that difficult chanting, everyone was able to use it one after another!”
“It’s hard for people our age to understand the meaning of chants. I only made it a little easier to understand.”
“Certainly, I wasn’t able to do anything with that chuuni-like chanting… it was fun, though.”
“Chuuni? What does that mean?”
“Ah, no, eerrrr, ahaha…”

Mariel-chan… you are being too careless.
We have Adry-sama and Sei with us, so you have to be careful about what you say.
And it was fun? Those chants?? I’m starting to have doubts whether Mariel-chan is a chuunibyou herself, though…!?

“A, anyway, it proves that it’s important to understand the meaning of chanting to visualize it correctly, so the spells can be invoked.”
“Ye, yes, that’s right! It has become easier for me to invoke magic as well.”
“Right! I’m also invoking magic faster than ever before! Right, Sei? It must be the same for you, right?”
“Y, yeah…”
“I, I see…”

Yes, for some reason, Adry-sama came along with us…
He said the Japanese set was also unusual and ordered the same thing as us, but I wonder if it’s okay?

“Say, how can use magic so skillfully, Miss Cristea?”

I was stumped by Adry-sama’s simple question.
I really can’t say: “I’m a reincarnated person from another world, and I’m peerless based on the memories of my previous life~hohoho”, can I?…

“I guess it must be because of special training or secret techniques handed down by Teacher Marlen? Is that it!?”
“Eh? Ah… ah~ that’s right. I don’t know if they can be considered secret techniques or special training, but he taught me a lot of things.”

The only problem is that Teacher Marlen is a long talker, but there was a lot of useful information in what he said.
And there were also some magic that I was able to do only because he showed me how to actually perform the magic. I’m not lying.


“I see~! I’d love to learn from Teacher Marlen, too!”
“I’m sure you will get a chance since he is back as a part-time instructor.”
“Right! I’m looking forward to it!”

Adry-sama… do you think you will be able to endure Teacher Marlen’s drawn-out lectures?
If you try to doze off, he will surely wake you up with ice or water magic, you know…?

“Teacher Marlen… although he was in charge of the Magic Studies, Monsterology, and the Magic Tools courses when he was actively teaching, he probably won’t teach that frequently this time… I hope the opportunity for you to learn from him presents itself soon.”

The dishes were being brought to the table as I was being so relieved by Adry-sama’s innocence.

“Thank you for waiting. The Head Chef will be here later.”

Eh… why would he? I hadn’t been here since then, so maybe they thought I was here for a taste check?
I was feeling a bit of trouble, but I was hungry now and had to concentrate on the food in front of me.


Today’s Japanese set consisted of miso soup with plenty of vegetables, and rice, with sautéed white fish and miso-based sauce for the main course.
Although I was a bit nervous about this original cuisine, it was very tasty and went well with the miso soup and rice.

“… Say, how do you eat this Yahatulian meal?”

We picked up chopsticks without hesitation, so Adry-sama imitated us and picked up a pair of chopsticks, but he was clutching them, not knowing how to use them.
Oh my, I’m sorry about this.

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