Chapter 516.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Enjoyable!? Lunchtime.
“Oh, these two sticks are called chopsticks, it’s a type of cutlery used in Yahatul. Use them… like this.”

Sei, who was sitting next to Adry-sama, picked up a piece of rice with the chopsticks and showed it to him, while Adry-sama was watching him closely.

“Eh? How do you hold it like that? Like this?… No, that’s not it… huh?”

Seeing that Adry-sama was having trouble holding the chopsticks, Sei quickly stood up, took Adry-sama’s hand from behind his back, and held the chopsticks in his hand.

“You place your finger here… like this. And now, try moving the stick on top.”
“N… like this? Ahh, this is so difficult…”
“You are unexpectedly clumsy. It’s like this…”

Ahh. How nostalgic. I once taught Oniisama and others how to hold chopsticks.
It’s hard to get used to the finger movements when using chopsticks. They soon got the hang of it and were able to use them at will, though.

“Fu…… fughh……!”

I heard a strange voice from next to me and turned around to see Mariel-chan’s face red, her eyes moistened, and she was shaking like a leaf.

“Ma, Mariel-san! What’s the matter!?”

Did she choke on her food?

“T, the, pre, precious… I’m sure I could eat three more bowls of rice with just this…!”

… Mariel-chan was stable as ever.

“Mariel-san, ice magic or water magic, which do you prefer?”
“Hieh!? I’m sorry!?”


I blurted out, and Mariel-chan’s rotten fit receded instantly.
Mariel-chan, haven’t you forgotten all about self-respect lately…!?
Now, now, Mariel-chan.
Let’s not bolt down the food while staring at the two in front, okay?
It’s an unbecoming sight for a lady, you know?

After finishing the Japanese set meal, I had some after-meal tea. Hahh, the tea was also delicious, carefully brewed Yahatulian tea.
I guess they must have studied the ingredients of Yahatul since then. I’m impressed.

“Wah~ that was good! These chopsticks? are really difficult to use, but they seem convenient when used to them!”
“Indeed. They serve as both a knife and a fork, so if you ask me if they are convenient, I would be inclined to say that they are.”
“Let’s come back here for another meal, Sei!”
“Yeah, let’s do that…”

Adry-sama seemed to like Japanese food very much.
Sei was exhausted from attending to Adry-sama during the lecture on how to use chopsticks.
He had to warn him every time he was about to drop his chopsticks, or used the chopsticks to stab the meat. You have worked hard.
But when it’s someone’s first time, you should be careful not to be too fussy about it, because it can make them feel uncomfortable instead…
I’m very proud of Adry-sama for not getting fed up with Sei’s repeated warnings and for correcting his issues honestly.
I guess that’s why Sei kept on teaching him well.

“Excuse me for interrupting your pleasant conversation.”

The Head Chef arrived just as the conversation was about to be paused.

“Cristea-sama, how was the food this time?”
“The dashi was very well seasoned and very tasty. It was a treat.”
“T, thank you very much! It’s all thanks to you, Cristea-sama!”

He bowed his head and thanked me, causing me to get flustered.

“I just pointed out what was missing. It was you who got it to this point, Head CHef.”

Ah, not good. The way the Head Chef looked at me was the same as that of the head chefs in the mansion.
I have a bad feeling about this.

“I have an earnest request for you, Miss Cristea! Please, by any means, would you mind teaching us a recipe of yours as our cafeteria’s specialty dish!?”

C, come again—!?

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