Chapter 517.1

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The Head Chef’s pleading.
“My recipe…?”

I didn’t mishear, did I?

“Yes! I was told that the recipes registered with the Guild are unmistakably Christea-sama’s own creations. I have tasted them all, and they are all wonderful!”
“Eh… all of them?”

Seriously? I know that when I first registered the recipes, it was selling well, but the rumor of being a Repulsive food eating lady was actually getting in the way.
But since it was registered in the name of the Duke Ellisfeed, they probably thought it must have been invented or assisted by his cooks, so it wouldn’t be anything too strange, and the recipes spread quickly among those who purchased it out of curiosity.
But because dishes using miso and soy sauce had to be purchased at the Bastea Company, which handles Yahatul imports, recipes that used them extensively must have tended to be avoided.
Now that the Bastea Company branch in the Capital has grown larger, it handles more items and has started to sell other ingredients in addition to Yahatulian cuisine, so maybe it’s easier to get your hands on Japanese food-related recipes now.
But still, to try them all, that’s amazing…

“All of the recipes were wonderful, but the one called Orcatsu was…”

It must have been my imagination that I saw something shining in the corner of the Head Chef’s mouth, who closed his eyes entranced as if remembering the taste of Orcatsu. Oh, he wiped it off.

“Excuse me. Basically, we wanted to offer Orcatsu on the restaurant’s menu, but Orc meat is currently in short supply and cost prohibits us from putting meaty Orcatsu on the menu.”


… Ah, I am very sorry, that’s because of our fief.
We are still scouring the Guilds in our Ellisfeed territory for Orcs to produce bacon.
Adventurers have also been given priority to buy bacon if they deliver Orc meat to the Guilds in the Ellisfeed territory, which has led to less and less Orc meat coming into the Capital.
I have some in my inventory, and when I want it, I can just ask Kurogane and Mashiro to get more for me, so I am not troubled, but it seems that the price of Orc meat has skyrocketed.

“I thought that even if we gave up on Orcatsu, we could make a meat dish that could replace it as the restaurant’s specialty… and since Cristea-sama is here, I wondered if you could teach us something.”
“E, even if you say that…”
“Please! I want the children to eat a lot of really tasty meat. I will pay you for the recipe, of course, please by all means!”

Saying that, the Head Chef got down on his knees with a bang.
Think of the hygiene! Don’t get down on your knees!?
Besides, I’m getting stares from people around me like, “What’s with the noble young lady making the chef get down on his knees?” I can’t stand it!

“Alright! I get it already! Please stand up! Quickly!”
“Ohh…! As expected of Cristea-sama. You have a big heart…!”

No, my heart is aching right now… The rumors about the Repulsive food eating lady has finally calmed down, and now the bad news about the Villainess Cristea is about to spread.

“Anyway, I will leave for today. I will think about the recipe in the meantime, and see you again another day.”
“Understood! I will be expecting you~!”

The Head Chef saw us off to the exit, and we quickly left the restaurant, attracting the attention of everyone around me.

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