Chapter 517.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Head Chef’s pleading.
“Well~ Miss Cristea really is amazing! That café is one of the most popular places within the academy because of its proximity to the faculty building. The Head Chef of the café was fawning over you so much.”

I don’t want to be fawned over like that. I want my ideal tranquil life.

“He was right, though. The fried potatoes were exceptional. The Orcatsu, was it? The Head Chef mentioned earlier must be delicious as well.”

Adry-sama must be well-raised, because he was speaking around the topic, basically talking in circles “I’d like to try it~” while never actually saying, “Let me eat it as well.”
As someone who is used to the outrageous behavior of a certain tiger, I was tempted to treat him to a meal… No, no. Let’s calm down first.

“Cristea-san, are you really going to offer him a recipe?”
“Hmm… It’s not like I don’t understand his feelings of wanting to let the children eat a lot of good food, so I will have to come up with something.”
“I see…”


When I answered Mariel-chan’s question, Adry-sama laughed bemusedly.

“Aren’t you a child as well, Miss Cristea? So you want to eat a lot too?”
“Ah… r, right. Hohoho…”

Mariel-chan and I were both a bit taken aback.
Even though many people still think it’s normal, I don’t think we, the reincarnatees, are the only converts who are sick and tired of the taste of the salty jargon that still dominates the cuisine of the nobility in this world.
I think my recipes might have gone viral as proof of that.
By nature, the dishes the nobility eat is a quick way to consume high calories to get some energy to convert into magic power, isn’t it?
There must be people who don’t understand this and think that this is what the noble cuisine is all about.
That’s why people who don’t use much magic power are chubby… or plump due to excessive calorie intake.
You just have to eat while keeping your own magic power consumption in mind.
Students and teachers enrolled at the Adelia Academy will probably consume more magic power than normal, so they may not mind the high-calorie foods, but kids who don’t like that food won’t eat well, so there’s a chance studying may actually have adverse effects on them.
Considering this, I can sympathize with the Head Chef’s wish to provide the students with plenty of inexpensive and tasty meat dish.

“Kurogane, Mashiro. I will be in class this afternoon, but I would like you two to investigate edible monsters that can be hunted in the vicinity of the Capital.”
“Umu, if it’s My Lord’s wish, then I will hunt as many as it takes.”
“Leave it to us.”

The two of them warped away after saying that.
Eh… I only asked you to investigate, though.
When I tried to tell them so with a telepathic message, Adry-sama said, “Wow! What just happened? The Sacred Beasts disappeared!?” He started to make a fuss, and I was so preoccupied with keeping him quiet that I forgot all about it.
After that, we slipped into the afternoon class just in time.

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