Chapter 518

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Eh? Already??
When I returned to the special dormitory with Sei after the afternoon classes, I was not greeted by Kurogane and Mashiro as usual, and when I arrived at my room, Miria was there alone with Kaguya.

“I guess they haven’t returned from their investigation yet?”

Miria replied to my murmur while taking my baggage.

“If it’s about Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama, they are in the dismantling area in the back, dismantling the monsters they have killed.”
“Eh? They caught them!?”

I forgot to remind them that they didn’t have to hunt them, and just to investigate the situation.
I did especially tell them not to over hunt Orcs, but I was worried that the dismantling area would be filled with monsters.
I quickly changed into a dress and hurried to the dismantling area.

“Ah, Cristea! Welcome back.”
“Ohh, My Lord. We were waiting for you.”

When I went out of the doorway further inside the cafeteria into the courtyard where the newly installed dismantling area was located, it seemed that the dismantling had already been completed and they were putting the lids on the barrels filled with blood and offal.
Ugh, I’m glad it wasn’t a splatter scene…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you that you only had to do some investigation today. So, what did you bring?”
“Umu, it’s mainly Bighorn Bulls and Golden Sheep that inhabit the nearby area.”

Bighorn Bull is a creature that is full of scraps and has very few parts that can be eaten.
The parts that can be eaten are rare and delicious, so they are sold at a high price.
However, as its name suggests, it has big horns and a rough temperament, so it is very difficult to kill.
And if you don’t have the skills to dismantle them, the edible parts are difficult to pick out without wasting useful materials.
But still, even if you bring it back whole in a big capacity magic bag without dismantling it, the cost of dismantling itself is worth it, so Bighorn Bulls are not considered a good value for money.
Therefore, when their numbers increase, a request is sent out to thin out the herds to a certain extent, making it an even rarer meat, and a rare meat that only appears on the tables of the nobility.
But, I’m the type of person who would prefer a chuck over those rare cuts.
Hmm, a Bighorn Bull, huh… if it’s the parts that you would normally throw away, they do sound like they could be cost-effective ingredients.

The Golden Sheep, on the other hand, is a relatively docile monster with beautiful golden wool.
Their wool is not only beautiful but also very warm, so there are many requests for their wool, before summer, so the clothes can be completed just in time for winter.
But although Golden Sheep are docile, they are very difficult to hunt.
Not only are they are much larger than Bighorn Bulls, if you attack them with a sword or bow, their fuzzy wool will obstruct you from hurting their body.
The most efficient way to defeat a Golden Sheep is to flip them over with earth or wind magic.
Since Golden Sheep become docile when flipped over, they are often fixed in place and only their fur is cut off before being released.
Since all that was requested is wool, they are not being over hunt and are returned to the flock, so that they can get wool again after it grows back…
According to Kurogane’s information, most of the Golden Sheep that are captured by humans and literally stripped naked of all their wool, are actually unable to return to the flock.
His theory is that these “stragglers” are either preyed upon by other animals because they have no way to defend themselves against enemy attacks, or the ones that do manage to survive become feral and unruly.
Although these Golden Sheep “stragglers” are few in numbers, they are said to be quite ferocious, but I had no idea that was the reason…
I wonder if the Golden Sheep, if we were to eat them, could be treated like mutton from my previous life?
Genghis Khan, bulgogi, stewed, lamb chops… no, no.
Golden Sheep are valued for their wool, and if we went after their meat as well, we might drive them to extinction.
Yeah, let’s rule out the Golden Sheep.
… If, by any chance, we can hunt the “stragglers”, we might at least sneak in a taste once in a while.

“… My Lord?”
“Eh?… Ah, yes, right. I think I would prefer Bighorn Bulls over Golden Sheep.”
“Umu. I thought so too and hunted a Bighorn Bull today. We haven’t had a Gyudon in a while.”

Ah, as I thought. I recognized the meatiness of the carcass behind Kurogane. He also properly prepared chuck for me.

“Kurogane and I killed it instantly!”
“I, is that so… that’s amazing.”


The smugfaced Mashiro is adorable… although his remarks are dangerous.

“I wonder how Gyudon would do on the café’s menu?”

A fancy café turned fast-food restaurant in a blink of an eye.
But, since it’s made from chuck, there’s plenty of meat to go around, and it’s very filling…
Putting that aside, it would be possible to make it with more expensive cuts too, no?

“Yeah. I have decided! Let’s make a Gyudon from the Bighorn Bull chuck first. Both of you, help me out.”
“”Roger (Roger~) that.””

We started with the preparation of the chuck cut.
Byakko-sama who had just come to help cook dinner got also involved, and we worked hard to cook the Bighorn Bull.

The next day. The morning class was general education, and since I was excused, I headed to the café with Kurogane and Mashiro.

“Cristea-sama!? Is something the matter?”

The Head Chef, who had heard of my visit, came out in a hurry.

“I have come to propose a new menu item.”

When I answered smilingly, the Head Chef froze in place.

“Eh…? Right on the heels of yesterday!?”

The Head Chef opened his mouth and looked at me in disbelief.
… Huh? Was it a little too soon?

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