Chapter 514.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Elementary Course in Magic Studies.
“I’m Tobias and I teach the Elementary Course in Magic Studies… Well then, today is the start of Magic Studies class, and since everyone here is enrolled in either the Special class or the A classes, so I know that you can use magic to some degree, but I’m going to start teaching you from the basics of the elementary course, as I want you to be able to use magic to the fullest extent. That’s the plan.”

Teacher Tobias then turned around and began to write an explanation of magic on the blackboard, clacking away.
We looked at it and hurriedly prepared writing materials and began to copy it down.

“First of all, magic has attributes, and is classified into elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels according to its power and the amount of magic power required to activate it—”

Starting with a basic explanation of magic, we were instructed to the conditions for activating attribute magic, the amount of magic power required, etc. in a run-through.
I learned quite a bit from the detailed explanations along with the illustrations.
Teacher Marlen is a man of extensive knowledge, but he had never taught me so much in such detail.
Well, until I remembered my previous life, I was running away from him because it was more fun to just let my magic power run wild, and once I remembered it, I started using magic in my own way and with my own imagination, so maybe it became too much trouble to explain things properly to me for him…
I found this to be very helpful even though I have a large amount of magic power, the know-how to manage a small amounts of magic power and how to efficiently circulate magic power to make it easier to activate magic are very useful.

“I know it’s boring to keep explaining things, so I think it’s time to actually put the magic into action.”

Oh, I have been waiting for that!

“Erm, then… Miss Cristea Ellisfeed, please come forward.”

Why am I being called out?
I was puzzled, but as I stepped forward, Teacher Tobias chuckled.


“I have been assured by Teacher Marlen that you have a lot of magic power. I heard that you can use elementary magic without any problems already. That’s why I’m asking you to be my assistant during class.”
“Alright, please show us a Water ball.”
“Not eh. You can use water magic, right? Please show us Water ball as an example.”
“O, okay.”

The teacher urged me to activate the water magic in a hurry, so I imagined a water ball the size of a basketball floating in the air.


… Eh? He said a Water ball, right?”

“Wonderful! I didn’t know you could create a Water ball that big without chanting…! You guys should try to be able to do this much with chanting before you move up to the intermediate level.”

The teacher said excitedly, and the classroom was abuzz.

“Eh… seriously?”
“Even if I try my best, about this much would be my limit, though?”

When I looked at the female student speaking, her hand gesture showed a size similar to a baseball.
Eh, no way. I overdid it…!?

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