Chapter 514.2

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Elementary Course in Magic Studies.
“Good morning!”
“Good morning, Mariel-san.”

Mariel-chan came next to our side, and we headed to the classroom. Today we were having a joint class with A class, so we are in a different classroom.
The Magic Studies classrooms are what we call staircase classrooms, the seats are placed in a fan-shape around the podium, and they are higher as you go to the back of the room.

“Wow, maybe because we are still early, we have all these seats to choose from! Cristea-san, where are we sitting?”

Mariel-chan was looking around the classroom.
I put my luggage down after confirming that a seat in the front row just next to the door was available.

“I will take this one.”
“Eh, why so far at the end? You were looking forward to this lesson, weren’t you?”
“Yes. I just want to get a feel for the atmosphere, so I’m better off at the end.”
“Is that so… I will sit next to you then.”

As soon as I was seated, Mariel-chan quickly took the seat next to me.

“I will sit behind you…”


Sei said so and sat down in the seat behind me.
I have never seen Sei use magic, but considering the amount of magic power he has, he may be the type of person who bulldozes through with magic power just like me.

“Yo! ‘morning.”

As soon as Adry-sama entered the classroom, he found us and quickly sat down next to Sei.
The boys who seemed to be his cronies were probably planning to sit in the back, and they looked puzzled by Adry-sama’s behavior, but after making eye contact with each other, they took their seats around Adry-sama.
Then the girls came in, but they looked surprised to see me sitting near the entrance and quickly took their seats by the wall on the opposite side of the room.
Eh, you don’t have to avoid me that much… but then I remembered the group of boys behind me.
Oh, is it because of all the boys around me?
Yes, that must be it…
Just as I was consoling myself with that, Alicia-sama walked in.
Upon spotting me, she turned her head away and headed for the space where the other female students were grouped together.
A young lady who seemed to be Alicia-sama’s crony, who was enrolled in A class, was recommending one of the seats within the group to her.

“Most of the ladies among Alicia-sama’s cronies seem to be in the A class, and those ladies seem to be all over there.”

Mariel-chan whispered in my ear.
Yeah, the actuality that Alicia-sama hates me is not a problem, but I’m worried about Mariel-chan if the other ladies in her circle of friends are also feeling the same about her.
I wonder if she is being isolated in the dormitory…

“Yes, the lesson will be starting now, so take your seats!”

The teacher of Magic Studies arrived just as I was about to ask Mariel-chan about her situation.
It can’t be helped, I’m going to ask her later.

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