Chapter 349

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Arrived in the Capital!
When we approached the Capital, the number of fairly splendid carriages and wagons on the highway increased.This is a spectacle I haven’t seen in the winter. Understanding that we- the nobility is nearing, I could see them all slowing down and yielding the way to us. The adventure-ish guards who were escorting the carriages bowed as we passed by.
Isn’t it dangerous going that far? Won’t bandits come to ambush them?
When I threw such question at Miria, she told me that: “The merchants are hiring adventurers to escort them for that very reason, so they should be fine. Moreover, we have elite guards with us as well, and there are scouts patrolling ahead of the way to search for dangers. Wouldn’t it be safer to follow the nobility after yielding them the way?” I see.

Although slightly delayed by the happy news of the town mayor’s wife’s pregnancy, we arrived in the Capital not long behind the plan. Just like the previous time, we entered the Capital safely without being detained for the inspection. I have not noticed this previously, but the scouts that went ahead might have announced our arrival beforehand.
Passing through the noble district, we have arrived in front of the Ellisfeed Household’s gate. When the gatekeepers in uniforms took notice of our crest and opened the gate, we continued on the way towards the mansion and arrived.
The servants were lined up in rows at the carriage porch in order to greet us.

“Welcome home. You must be tired from traveling, we have prepared tea, so please make sure to rest properly.”
“Umu. Any changes, Gilbert?”
“Yes, the things within the mansion went smoothly. I will report the rest later.”
“Good. Well then, shall we go?”
“Yes, Dear.”

Otousama escorted Okaamasama and entered the mansion. I was accompanied by Mashiro and Kurogane and followed after them.

We decided to wait for dinner while having tea. In all honesty, I wanted to relax in my room because I was tired from all the shaking of the carriage, but I have to wait for my baggage I had with me in the carriage to be unpacked first, so I apparently couldn’t do that. Even though the unpacking could be left for later.
It cannot be helped at this time, but haah, as I thought, a soft and fluffy sofa is nice… I am seriously fed up with the hard seats of the carriage. I would like to somehow improve the ride to be more comfortable, but I have no idea about the structure of cars, so asking Galvano Ojisama for improvement would be the next best thing. I would like to improve the seat portion of the carriages at the very least.

“Cristea, are you listening?”

When I looked at Okaasama who sat across me in a surprise, she was looking at me while frowning. Hiee.

“I, I am so sorry. I must be getting absentminded from the exhaustion…”

I corrected my sitting posture in a panic and apologized.

“That’s true, although a happy occasion happened this morning, it cannot be helped that today was tiring.”

Hoh. I am too spent to have Okaasama be my scolding partner, so I am glad I was able to avoid that.

“The tryout of the school uniform and other clothes is planned for tomorrow morning. Make sure to not forget.”

Ehh? So soon after arriving at the Capital, how bothersome… nono, that’s right. I have to do something about the customization of the uniform.
I don’t know just how much Okaasama had the uniform modified, but I will have to stand up to Okaasama tomorrow no matter what!
To avoid the completely remodeling, I secretly fired myself up.

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