Chapter 297

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Pursuading Okaasama.
I was encircled by Okaasama for several days of tea party Omiai(?), but because my reaction was too light, it felt like Okaasama gave up.

“You do have a will to get married, right? Just what type of person is to your liking?”

Okaasama inquired from me during the after-dinner tea time.

“An… you are talking about that again? I think it’s still too early for Cristea though?”
“You be quiet, please. You might be thinking that it’s fine for her to miss her marriage and keep her at home, but I won’t let that happen, all right?”

Being glared at by Okaasama, Otousama could only keep his mouth closed. Oniisama looked like he wanted to say something too, but he kept silent after seeing the two.
Umm, Okaasama? No matter how true it is that people marry at fifteen in this world, you are asking a child whether she has intentions to marry, moreover, asking for her preferences in boys? Isn’t that a little too old-fashioned? Or is something like that normal in this world?

“Being born in the nobility, I am aware that I will have to marry before long. In addition, I also understand that it’s not strange to be engaged even before being born and I am also aware and grateful that you let me act this freely for so long. However, if you ask me for my preferences…”

Preferences, to be frank, I don’t have any.
Even if you asked me for my facial preferences, I can safely say that I don’t have any because the faces of handsome men don’t make my heart throb anymore, since I already got used it by being surrounded by good-looking men since birth.
Whether it’s the face or personality, I don’t think I would be bothered too much.

“What I wanted to hear weren’t words of gratitude. I have no intentions of forcing you into misfortunate marriage, but I’m worried that you have no interest in marriage because you have too much freedom.”

T, too much freedom, you say? I don’t think I was acting that freely though.
W, well I do think that I have too much freedom compared to other young ladies.

“Okaasama, I think that speaking of marriage is too early for me. It might be slightly slower than other people, but I would like to think about it carefully.”
“I can’t help but feel that you will miss your marriage at your thinking pace. I think it would be easier to search if we at least knew your preferences.”

Preferences, huh… I wouldn’t mind a hunk, but at the end of the day, I think I am good as long as we can get along.

“Preferences, huh… ah, a person who eats his food deliciously, perhaps?”

A person who can enjoy delicious things just like me might be good.

“All of your food is delicious, so I don’t think it can serve as a reference though? … Are you perhaps saying that you would be fine with someone like me? Is that it?”

Otousama said in a pleasant surprise, but that’s definitely not it, alright?

“Didn’t I tell you to keep quiet. Geez, please keep your doting with moderation.”

Being glared at by Okaasama again, Otousama feeling despondent said no more. Good grief.
Otousama certainly does eat deliciously all the time, but I wasn’t talking about that, okay? I just thought it would be nice to be with a person that could do similar things similarly, with whom I could eat delicious things with while having a conversation, a person with the same sense of values as me, alright?

“In the sense of eating my food deliciously, then Otousama, Oniisama, and Okaasama are the same. I love all of you!”

Mashiro, Kurogane, and Kaguya too, I love everyone!


Feeling their hearts throb after hearing Cristea’s words, the members of the Ellisfeed family became unable to say anything anymore.

Kaguya who was grooming herself and watching the exchange from a window muttered “Seriously, this fellow is a tremendous swindler”.

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