Chapter 523.1

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Ahhh, I can’t hold myself back!
Alicia-sama advanced to the front of the magic circle and softly kneeled down and placed her hands on it.
She closed her eyes and began to pour her magic power in, and a ball of light appeared in the magic circle and immediately bounced off.
The ball of light bounced and bounced… then it rolled around… a fluffy… furball?

“Ohh, that’s a Puffle Rabbit! They’re monsters whose numbers dwindled because they were over hunted when their fluffy fur became fashionable for use as ornaments for the nobility for a time. Now they are becoming popular among the nobility as pets, and it seems that there is a breeding movement in the territories where they live. They have fluffy fur that covers their entire body to protect them from external enemies, and they are characterized by their relatively gentle and friendly personalities. They are easy to care for as long as you watch out for the molting season when they become a little fussy.”

The furball called Puffle Rabbit was bouncing around inside the magic circle.
Cu, cu… cute~! Unbearably cute!
That fluffy furball looks so comfy to the touch!

(… Oi, Ojou. Settle down if you don’t want the white one and the black one to run amok, okay?)

Hah! I noticed it only after I heard Byakko-sama’s stunned voice, but it seems that I couldn’t hold it in and stood up to watch the scene before me.

“Hoho… it’s so adorable, I acted without thinking…”

When I laughed to cover my actions and sat down, Byakko-sama let out a sigh while shaking his head and lied down again. What about being a guard?


(The day you accidentally tame something like that, one of them will eat it up in one bite, you know? Poor thing.)

Yes, I know. I have to be careful.
Besides, I can already see Mashiro’s “Cristea, cheating…? Do you not need me anymore…?”
Oh, but if Alicia-sama tames it, I’m sure she will let me indulge a little… she won’t, huh. Hahh.
The fluffy ball of fur jumped around in the magic circle and stopped in front of Alicia-sama.
It’s probably because its body was swaying from side to side when looking at Alicia-sama… actually, it’s so fluffy I can’t tell which side is its face.
Alicia-sama’s face broke into a little smile, and she almost reached for the furball, but then she looked up and saw me.
Eh, what is it?
When I thought her eyes met mine, she pursed her lips, pulled back her hand, and stood up quickly.

“… I will return it.”

Ehh!? You won’t tame it even though it’s so cute!?

“Oh my, is that so? Then, put your hand over here and let your magic power flow through it.”

Alicia-sama followed Teacher Neil’s instructions and moved to the position for return summoning, and the furball followed her while jumping up and down. Wow, so cute!
Aaah, I wish I could have fluffed it even once before it had to return…
As I looked on with unfulfilled curiosity, Alicia-sama gracefully kneeled down and placed her hands on the magic circle.
Alicia-sama seemed to be speaking something to the furball before she poured her magic power in, but she was whispering, so I couldn’t hear what she said at all.

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