Chapter 523.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ahhh, I can’t hold myself back!
However, the movement of her mouth, which I could see from the observation seats, seemed to mouth “I am sorry” but… was that just my imagination?
Alicia-sama’s magic power flowed out of her, and the furball called Puffle Rabbit was enveloped in light and disappeared.
Alicia-sama looked on without averting her eyes to the end, then stood up and went back to the barrier where everyone was.
Ahhh… the fluffy furball…

“… Why are you the one disappointed, Miss Cristea?”

Sei looked at me curiously as I felt down.

“Ahh… no, well, I thought it would have been nice if I could fluff it at least once.”
“… You will hurt Kurogane-dono and Mashiro-dono’s feelings.”

Sei, knowing my love of fluff and how possessive the two are of me, was appalled and advised me against it.
Yes, I know.
When we return to the special dormitory later today, they will ask a lot of things, like whether I cheated on them or not. While Sei and I were talking, several students were repeatedly summoning and returning small monsters.

“Well, is there anyone left…”


Teacher Neil looked around to see if there were any students who had not yet experienced summoning and he saw Mariel-chan raising her hand modestly.

“I… I haven’t tried yet…”
“Umm, you are the last one, right? Come over here then.”
“Y, yes!”

Mariel-chan rushed forward as Teacher Neil beckoned her forward, and she stumbled over nothing.
Mariel-chan, pull yourself together!
She is not very good at being the center of attention, is she?
She turns bright red easily and gets nervous.
She said that she was a cosplayer in her previous life, but isn’t that the kind of thing that attracts attention?
I wonder what she did at events? She must have done photo shoots before, right?
Despite my doubts, Mariel-chan stepped in front of the magic circle with a bright face and began to pour her magic power inside, just like the other students.
Mariel-chan had started doing yoga on my advice, which had improved the circulation and the amount of magic power she could use.
… Huh?
The sphere seemed to be bigger than the other students’…?
The sphere was the biggest sphere I had seen so far, and as Mariel-chan gazed at it with a blank stare when the sphere popped open.

“Hahh, that was uncomfortable… oi. What is this place, isn’t it full of kids! No way!”

… Huh? Eh? Was it perhaps the summoned monster that talked just now!?

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