Chapter 522.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To tame or not to tame?
“I see. What did you mean that it was ‘wasteful’?”

Sei seemed to be curious about what Byakko-sama had just said.

“Ah~ Neil said it was a Firefox earlier, but that was actually just a juvenile, although people always mistake it for an adult. When they are juveniles, they are very curious, and on rare occasions, they appear in human villages, being mistaken for will-o’-the-wisp and scaring people, and are eventually killed. When they reach adulthood, they become more vigilant and have more magic power, and the number of their tails increases according to their magic power, making them fox spirits. And so, depending on the individual, they could become this country’s Divine… Sacred Beast. Some of them can transform, too.”
“Ehh!? Isn’t that a pretty amazing monster, then?”

Isn’t that like a Nine-tailed Fox or something similar from my past life!?

“That’s why I said it was a waste.”
“Adry-sama said he wanted to ride on a monster’s back in combat…”
“Ah~ Once adult, well, I guess he would be able to ride it. I don’t know if they would even let their masters ride on their backs, though, since the adults are so prideful.”

Uh oh. If Adry-sama knew that he had missed the best chance of a lifetime, he would be even more depressed than he is now, wouldn’t he?
Sei seemed to think the same thing.

“Both of you, please keep this secret from Adry…”
(Oh well, it will be fine.)

Byakko-sama changed into the form of a tiger cub and began to relax.
Huh? I thought he was here to guard us?

“It will be fine? What will?”


When Sei asked him with dissatisfaction, Byakko-sama let out a sigh and circled into a sleeping position.
I don’t think he’s trying to protect us at all!?

(That Firefox seemed to be interested in that fella’s magic power. If they happen to meet again, I’m sure it will approach him on its own.)
“… I see.”

Byakko-sama’s words made Sei’s expression brighten.

“Then, why don’t we tell him about this when it happens to make fun of him?”
“Sei, I would feel too pitiful for him.”

Sei grinned so unusually wickedly that even I couldn’t help but laugh. Sheesh. Even though you were so worried about him just a moment ago!

“Well, who’s going to be the next~”

It seems that while we were talking to Byakko-sama, a few students had finished their summoning trials. Mariel-chan… it wasn’t her turn yet, it seems.
So far, no one seemed to have tamed anything.
Well, this seemed to be a kind of trial, so they wouldn’t tame monsters casually if they didn’t intend to take care of them.

“Here, I will try next.”

It was Alicia-sama who stepped forward.

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