Chapter 522.2

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To tame or not to tame?
Sei answered my question in a casual manner, but his gaze never left Adry-sama.
I could tell by the seriousness of his gaze that he was worried about him.
Adry-sama, I hope you won’t be disappointed with the results…
Adry-sama took a deep breath and placed his hand on the designated position of the magic circle… and took a deep breath…
The light spread through the magic circle faster than with the previous student, however, the sphere that softly floated up was only slightly larger than before.
The sphere popped just like before, and a big tailed creature spun around in the air before landing without making a sound.


A medium-sized dog-like monster with large ears and a big bushy tail was snarling, keeping its posture low as if wary of its surroundings.
Teacher Neil let out an excited “Oh!” and observed the monster within the magic circle in a serious manner.

“This is good! It’s a Firefox. It may be a small-sized monster, but it’s a rare species that can use Fire-attributed magic.”

A Firefox, huh? It’s cute with big ears like a fennec.
It seemed to be panicking when it was suddenly summoned to an unknown place, but it stopped snarling and started wagging its tail when it saw Adry-sama.

“Very good, very good! The Firefox appears to be attracted by your magic power. Would you like to tame it?”

When Teacher Neil asked cheerfully, Adry-sama looked a little shook up before answering, “No, let’s return it.”
Eh? You are not taming it!?
Even though you were looking forward to it so much.


“I see~ Well then, put your hand over there and let your magic power flow.”

Teacher Neil said regretfully, and Adry-sama seemed to hesitate for a moment, but as if shaking off his hesitation, he followed Teacher Neil’s instructions and unsummoned the Firefox.
Ehhh… it was such a cute little fluffy thing.
Adry-sama clearly slumped his shoulders and went back into the barrier.

“Ahh~ that fella did something wasteful.”
“Eh… ueh!?”

Byakko-sama was sitting comfortably behind the seat where we were sitting.

“Shh, I went through the trouble of suppressing my magic power and erasing my presence, so don’t make a fuss. I’ve applied soundproofing magic just in case too, but it won’t do you any good if you’re making so much fuss.”
“What? Tora, why are you here!?”
“I’m here as a representative to guard you guys, because we don’t want anything to happen to you. The black and white ones are possessive and anxious to see Ojou signing another contract with a new kid, and they didn’t seem too keen on suppressing their magic power, so I’ve got Suzaku watching over them to make sure they don’t come over here. It would be a nuisance to the other students.”

Ehh…? Aren’t I too distrusted by Kurogane and Mashiro?
… Well, there’s the case with Kaguya too, so it can’t be helped they feel that way… I guess?

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