Chapter 522.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To tame or not to tame?
As I sat at the observation table alongside Sei, Teacher Neil was setting up a magic device that deployed a barrier that served as a waiting area for the other students.

“Only the students who are going to try to summon should go outside the range of this barrier. I’m going to ask you one by one to come pour magic power into the summoning circle. Keep in mind that pouring more magic power in it doesn’t mean you’ll summon stronger monsters, so don’t push yourselves too hard. This is just a trial.”

Teacher Neil led one of the students to the front of the magic circle.

“Although only small to medium-sized monsters are set to appear does not mean that they will not attack, so be careful. If the need arises, I and Teacher Marlen will deal with the situation, but you must be on your guard. You can sign a contract if a child you like appears, but you have to take care of it by yourself. If you don’t, we will send it back. That’s the deal.”

At the signal of Teacher Neil, the first student placed his hand on the designated position of the magic circle and began to pour his magic power in it.
The magic circle began to glow softly from where he placed his hand, and when all the light spread over the magic circle, it changed from a soft light to a strong light for a moment and then, a poof.

“W, whoah… eh, that’s.”

The next moment, the light quickly gathered in the center of the magic circle, and the light became a sphere that floated up in the air.
After the sphere expanded a little, it burst open, and a small monster jumped out and fell down with a dull thud.
Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Teacher Neil observed the monster intently and said,

“It’s a Bighand Mauler. It’s a monster that’s especially good at digging holes, and depending on how you make use of it, it can be very useful, but the problem is that if you’re not careful, it can make holes all over the place, and in the worst case, it can bring down your own house… I guess?”

… No, that’s a mole, right?
It looked like a mole with big paws. But it might be surprisingly fluffy and cute.

“What do you want to do? Are you going to tame it?”


Teacher Neil smilingly asked the student who summoned the Bighand Mauler.

“… No. I don’t want it.”

He answered with a look of obvious disappointment, a complete turnaround from the expectant look he had before the summoning.

“Is that so? It’s really adorable with its round and cute eyes, though… then, let’s return it to its previous place.”

Teacher Neil nudged the Bighand Mauler, who was frozen by the shock of being summoned suddenly, and instructed the student who had summoned him to place his hand in a different position and pour magic power into it.
As the student poured in the magic power, the Bighand Mauler was again enveloped in light, then transformed into particles of light that melted into a magic circle.
Ohh… so that’s how they return to their previous location.

“Well, who’s next?”
“Here! I will do it!”

It was Adry-sama who raised his hand in a burst of enthusiasm at the sound of Teacher Neil’s voice.
Oh, he has been looking forward to monster summoning, after all…

“Alright, then come over and place your hand on the spot. Ah, go back inside the barrier area once you are done.”

Replacing the first student, Adry-sama went up to the front of the magic circle with great enthusiasm.

“I wonder what kind of monster will Adry-sama summon.”
“No idea… but if it’s a small to medium-sized monster, it won’t serve Adry’s purpose, so he will have to send it back.”

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