Chapter 521.2

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When we returned to the classroom after lunch, I saw on the blackboard that the afternoon Monsterology class will head in the practice hall, which was also used for Magic Studies.

“Ah, here they come, here they come. We were waiting for you both. Let’s get going!”

Adry-sama was waiting for us, looking as if he couldn’t contain his anticipation.

“Teacher Neil came over a little while ago and told us to move to the practice hall for the afternoon of hands-on training.”
“Hands-on… what will we be doing?”

How to take care of monsters, or how to discipline them?
Although I thought of dog training in my previous life, that’s probably not it.

“Who knows? I know that Miss Cristea and I are going for observation only, though…”

Oh. I wonder if that means an actual interaction with small monsters or something, then?
Just in case, I have got Suzaku-sama’s feather stored in my inventory, so I think I will be fine…

When we arrived at the practice hall and approached the area where the students were gathered, I noticed a large magic circle painted under their feet.

“This is…?”
“It’s a Summoning Circle. Well then, as you can see, we will be conducting actual summoning of monsters today!”

Teacher Neil, when did you get behind me!?
The students who were waiting for the teacher’s words got very excited.

“You each pour your magic power into this magic circle to complete the summoning magic.”

Wow, such a useful thing.
According to Teacher Neil’s explanation, the magic summons monsters that match the amount of magic power and the quality of the summoner’s magic power.
He said that since the amount of magic power of new students is not that great in general, the summoned monsters will be all small, so there will be no problem.
There were some new students who have a lot of magic power like me, but the magic circle itself was restricted so that only small to medium-sized monsters could appear, so it seemed safe.

“Even though they may be small, there will be monsters that may attack you, however, Teacher Marlen and I will be standing by your side, so you don’t have to worry.”

Heeh… so they have it thought out.
But small and medium-sized monsters, huh… I wonder what children will get summoned. I’m looking forward to it!

“Well, in Miss Cristea and Sei-kun’s case, you guys won’t be able to summon anything no matter how hard you try because of your Sacred Beast contracts!”

Teacher Neil laughed, “Ahaha.”
Eh? What? Why!?

“W, why is that!?”
“Why, you ask… Because the presence of the Sacred Beasts is so strong that small Magic Beasts can’t even get close to it, so they won’t respond to the summons. That being the case, please make sure to watch from the observation seat so that you don’t affect the other students’ summoning.”

Haaaaahh!? Whyyyyy!?
I wanted to summon a tiny fuzzball, though!
Teacher Neil’s explanation made sense, but as a fluff-lover, I was not convinced.
However, it was obvious that Mashiro and Kurogane would get sulky if I summoned fuzzball and accidentally made a contract with it, so I moved with Sei to the observation area where a barrier was set up while in tears.

Kuuhhh… my fluff…!

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