Chapter 521.1

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Since the beginning of the Monsterology class, we had been doing nothing but classroom lessons for a while.
I was happy to learn about the various kinds of Magic Beasts roaming the planet, but Adry-sama, who was eager to form a contract with a Magic Beast, seemed to be in a hurry to do so.

“I wonder when I will be able to sign a contract with a Magic Beast…”

After eating a large bowl of beef bowl at the cafeteria, Adry-sama plopped down on the table and blurted out such. You are showing bad manners.

“You say that, but Monsterology has only just begun. If you don’t learn what you need to learn now, you won’t get the results you want, you know?”

Sei also finished his beef bowl and said while sipping tea after his meal. Mm, a good argument.
Mariel-chan and I nodded our heads in agreement as we ate our roast beef sandwiches.

“That’s true, but… all that classroom learning is so boring.”

Adry-sama looked up with a sulky look on his face.

“It must be nice to be you, Sei and Miss Cristea. You already contracted Sacred Beasts.”

Even if you say that…
Signing a contract with the Sacred Beasts wasn’t mine nor Sei’s goal.
In Sei’s case, considering the fact that he was forced to leave his home of Yahatul and flee across the sea to the Doristan Kingdom after his stepmother tried to kill him, Byakko-sama and others are probably his most reassuring allies right now.
To tell the truth, I think he would have preferred to stay with his foster parents in his hometown without getting involved in the succession battle, so Adry-sama’s words didn’t feel right.
As for me? As you know, in my case, although it was Byakko-sama who brought Mashiro and Kurogane to me of his own initiative, it was something akin to a godsend contract, so…

“You cannot form a contract with a Sacred Beast by envying others. Instead, you should increase your knowledge of Magic Beasts, devote yourself to your studies, and increases your chances with great effort.”

Sei admonished Adry-sama without hesitation. What an adult.
Adry-sama listened to Sei’s words, but then he slammed his forehead against the table with a thud.

“… I know that~ But, when I consider that we are of the same age, yet you already contracted two Sacred Beasts… it makes me feel impatient, you know?”


That’s for sure. It’s impossible, even I would feel like that if I had two people close to me, and the two people had achieved the Sacred Beast Contract, which is said to be a miracle, twice.
I know I wouldn’t be able to stay in high spirits…

“I am sure you will be able to make a contract with a Magic Beast and make your dreams come true, Adry. That’s why you should do everything you can to prepare for that time that will inevitably come.”

When Sei said this and sipped his tea again, Adry-sama fell silent for a while and suddenly looked up from the table.

“… Right. I can do it, right!? Alright, I will doo iiiit!”

Adry-sama promptly left from his seat, “Come on, let’s do our best at the afternoon lessons, too!” in high spirits.
Umm, we haven’t finished eating yet, though…?
Sei gave us a troubling smile and got up from his seat.

“You are so hopeless, Adry. Excuse us, we will go first.”
“Okay, see you later.”

After seeing Sei off, I noticed that Mariel-chan, who was sitting next to me, was quiet.

“…! S, so, so, so precious…! Why don’t I have a camera in my hands in moments like these!? Ahhhhhh, I wanted to save it on a video… for God’s sake, please develop a magic camera…!”

Mariel-chan looked up to the heavens, covered her eyes and shivered.
Yep, it’s the usual Mariel-chan.

“Mariel-san, if you don’t finish eating soon, we will be late.”
“Wah! That’s right, I have to finish eating quickly and go after them!”

After I urged Mariel-chan in exhaustion, she munched on her roast beef sandwich with a speed reminiscent of a small animal.
Oh no, I’m getting used to Mariel-chan’s antics lately…!

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