Chapter 520.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Meaningful lunchtime.
“My Lord, in addition to the magic power you obtain through eating, you also unconsciously draw and refine magic power from the atmosphere and other sources.”
“…… Pardon me?”
“It seems that you draw magic power from various sources, you know?”
“Eh? Is that so?”
“Umu, that is the cause behind your power running amok when you were younger, you simply couldn’t hold the amounts of magic power within the interior of your body.”
“Hiehh… Cristea-san, you must have had it hard…”

Whoah. It seems that the reason my magic power level is so high is that I’m taking in even more magic power from all kinds of sources.
The amount of magic power is usually low for babies because they only get it from milk and baby food, but in my case, I was taking in magic power from the atmosphere as well, so it was over the capacity my body could hold and causing me to go out of control…
We all thought that my high amount of magic power was just a constitution, but I didn’t realize that it was caused by taking in too much magic power…

“The excess magic power you take in is being released, and that’s why you are stable. It’s good to increase your control, but it is better to control it in moderation, because if your magic power is suppressed too much, it may run out of control again.”

Mhmm, my enthusiasm was killed the moment I understood what was happening to me.

“Well, in your case, Ojou, there’s no doubt that the way you release your magic power is messy, so it’s better to be able to control it.”

Byakko-sama… what you are saying is right, but the way you say it!

“Tora, you need to think about the way you talk a little more!”

Sei’s iron-ribbed fan punishment burst out. That looked painful.
Hmm, I wonder if I should release the magic power more frequently while improving my control.
While I was worrying about how to handle my magic power in the future, Kurogane put down his cup and looked at me.


“Besides, My Lord’s magic power is blended into your cooking, so we wouldn’t like you suppressing it.”
“Yeah, food filled with Cristea’s magic power is yummy.”
“Ahh~ I know, right! That is very important!”
“Indeed. It makes a big difference when there’s none in it.”
“I, is that so…?”

I remember them saying something like that before.

“I dare say that the most accomplished chefs are very good at injecting magic power into their dishes. Of course, there is also a matter of compatibility of the magic power and taste…”

It’s true that our food was tasteless before I started cooking, but I think everyone ate it without any complaints.
I wonder if that’s part of the reason why there were no problems with my magic power after my recipes were readily introduced into our home?
That’s quite an interesting topic.
I will discuss this with Otousama later.
A method of efficiently rehabilitating from magic power related sickness through cooking should be valuable information for the nobility.
Besides, it’s good news to know that children who are born with a high amount of magic power may, like me, be afflicted by taking in too much magic power.
If they use a magic tool like the bangle that Otousama asked Teacher Marlen to make a long time ago for me to keep the flow of my magic power constant, they may be able to avoid a situation like mine where I had to stay indoors for fear of running amok.
Maybe I should consult with Otousama about this and then ask for Teacher Marlen’s cooperation.

“Wah, Cristea-san! We have to go.”

Mariel-chan looked at her watch and got up in a hurry.

“Oh, yeah! Tora, I’m sorry, but you guys will have to clean up…”
“Yeah~ we will deal with it. Take care.”
“Thank you very much! We are off!”

We hurriedly packed up and left the special dormitory and headed for the practice hall.

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