Chapter 520.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Meaningful lunchtime.
A few weeks had passed since my school life began.
Gyudon, sold in the cafeteria, was inexpensive, tasty, and became popular for its filling power.
The number of students, especially those in the Knight’s Course, who come to the cafeteria hungry after training, had increased.
Although roast beef is relatively expensive due to the parts used, the cafeteria buys a whole bull, and students in the Monsterology and Magic tool courses work part-time to dismantle it.
In addition to serving roast beef as a single dish, they also offer various variations of roast beef, such as salads and sandwiches, to give the customers a special impression, unlike the simple Gyudon.

“… So, this is the roast beef sandwich that I have heard so much about. They say it’s very popular because it’s available for takeout.”

Mariel-chan is known in the cafeteria as a friend of mine, and she told me that they were selling only one set per person, but when she told them, “I would like to eat it together with Cristea-san and the Sacred Beasts, so please let me take more by any means.” She was given more immediately. For free.
Mariel-chan and Sei, who had gone to pick up the sets, couldn’t carry it all by themselves, so they hurriedly called the Byakko-sama to help them warp to the special dormitory.
No, Head Chef. It’s such a large amount of food, so let us pay for it…

“I said I would pay, but they said to me that you don’t come to the cafeteria very often, and they wanted to take this as an opportunity for all of the Sacred Beasts to try it, so they didn’t accept.”

Ah~… being treated as VIP is troublesome.
I will just have to accept it gratefully and offer some hints on how to arrange the recipe next time.

“Well, let’s eat.”

The roast beef sandwich was delicious enough to satisfy even the Sacred Beasts.


“I was exempted from classes in the morning for general education, but in the afternoon, we have Magic Studies in the afternoon, right?”
“That’s right. Today is practical training, so we have to go to the practice hall.”

I answered while relaxing while having an after-dinner cup of tea Miria made me.
I’m still taking Magic Studies as the Teacher’s assistant, but after seeing how well the other students have mastered the subject, I realized how randomly I have been using my own magic power and magic.
The way I use magic is too sloppy…!
Since I have a lot of magic power, I took advantage of the fact that I could invoke magic with just my imagination, which in turn made my spells even more powerful.
I saw my classmates struggling to activate magic with the magic power they had, and I reflected on the fact that I was not trying enough, and decided to try to become able to activate magic with less power.

“No… in your case, don’t you have to release a certain amount of magic power, My Lord?”
”Yes, I suppose so.”
“Indeed. Ojou should be able of dissipating it to some extent.”

Hearing my declaration of determination, Kurogane, Mashiro, and Byakko-sama pointed out something for me. Why.

“My Lord, not only you have more magic power in your body than others, the amount of magic power you take in is also far more than most.”
“Take in?”

According to Kurogane, humans and other living creatures supply their magic power from various sources.
Plants get it from the atmosphere, the earth, and water. Animals get it from plants and water that contain magic power, and by eating other animals that take it in. When the animal dies and decays, its magic power returns to the soil… In short, it seems that magic power is circulated throughout the entire food chain.
I see, so “eating” has always been the right way to prevent the depletion of magic power.

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