Chapter 519.2

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Recipe presentation!
“… Is this really safe to eat?”
“Yes. I wouldn’t serve you something you couldn’t eat. Here, let me show you.”

Saying that, I ate the few slices of the meat from the batch I had left in my storage to show him.
… Oh, it’s delicious. You can really taste the meat.
The garlic and soy sauce made it even more appetizing and made me want to eat another piece, and then another.
After I ate, Mashiro and Kurogane also started to eat the roast beef. Hey, you guys ate a lot yesterday, right??
Byakko-sama and others also had a second helping, so it was hard to get enough for today, you know?
The Head Chef, who had been watching us, brought his shaking chopsticks to his mouth and… took a mouthful.


I thought he was chewing fearfully, but then his eyes widened, and his chopsticks moved on to the next slice.

“It’s true. It looks raw, but it is not. What the hell is this…?”
“The first step is to sear the surface to lock in the juices, then bake it in a magic oven.”

The procedure is to rub salt and pepper into the meat that has been brought to room temperature, sear the outside in a pan over high heat to warm it up, let it rest a little so that the residual heat seeps through the entire meat, then put it in the oven to cook slowly, let it rest again, stick a metal skewer into the center, wait a little, and when the tip of the metal skewer is pulled out, the meat is done. If the tip of the skewer is slightly warm, it is done. If it is cold, put it in the oven a little longer. For the sauce, you can use the pan you used to cook the meat to make a red wine sauce, or you can use a combination of grated onion and soy sauce, or if you have wasabi, you can use wasabi-soy sauce.

“How tender… moreover, I can’t believe how appetizing this sauce is!”

The Head Chef, who had also finished this dish in no time, looked at the remaining chunk of meat with regret.

“You can serve this on a plate as it is now, or you can make it into a roast beef bowl by placing it on top of rice.”
“How… how incredible! This, on top of rice…!? How extravagant…”

The Head Chef was trembling.
Yes, alright. He fell for it.

“So, how do you like this recipe? If you are not sure, I will have to give up.”
“Of course I’ll buy both! They must be our signature dishes!”

Because it was a special recipe, I was able to sell it for a little extra than the recipes registered with the Merchant’s Guild. Yay!
Thank you for your continued patronage!

The following week, Mariel-chan told me that the beef bowl and roast beef bowls were selling like hotcakes at the cafeteria.
She invited me to go eat there as soon as possible, but since I had eaten a lot of it already, I thought I was good for a while…

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