Chapter 440.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A wonderful breakfast.
The next morning, I woke up early as usual and headed downstairs with Miria and others to prepare breakfast.
I went straight into the kitchen, quickly put on my apron, and cast a Clear magic while I thought about what to do for breakfast.

“Well, I’d like to keep breakfast simple, but…”

I’m starting to miss Japanese food, and while it may be possible if it was only Sei and me, it would be tough to suddenly serve miso soup and rice to Teacher Neil.
That would mean Western food, but since we had omelet and pot-au-feu yesterday, I don’t want to have omelet again. Hmm.

“Cristea-sama, the ingredients have arrived.”

Miria came back from the small room where the ingredients were delivered, carrying a crate in her hands.
Seeing this, Kurogane quickly took the crate from Miria and carried it to the kitchen table.
He’s unexpectedly gentlemanly, isn’t he?

“Thank you. Miria, please set the tables in the meantime. Let me see…”

When I looked into the crate, I saw that it was filled with bread and butter, and also eggs and vegetables that I had ordered in addition.

“Mhm, mm… this is plenty enough for breakfast. But…”

I can’t have this hard round bread. I don’t have a hobby to train my jaw in the morning.

“Alright, let’s slice the bread first… Ugh, it’s so hard…”
“Lord, let me do it.”
“Can you? Please slice it this thick.”

Kurogane took the bread knife from me and cut the hard bread without difficulty.
I took out the milk in the meantime, laid the cut bread on a tray, and poured the milk in.
While the milk was being absorbed by the bread, I cracked eggs into a bowl and beat it.


“Hey, Cristea. I want to help too!”
“Mashiro, you… Well, can you peel off this lettuce, wash it, and tear it into bite-sized pieces?”

When I handed the lettuce and a large bowl to Mashiro, he began to peel it off with great enthusiasm.
While observing him with a sidelong glance, I washed the tomatoes and cut them into wedges. I put them in my inventory for last-minute serving.

“Oh, I can already smell it.”

When the bread in the tray has completely absorbed the milk, I put the bread into another tray with the egg mixture and made sure that one side is soaked with the egg solution before turning it over to let the other side absorb it.
This way, we can make French toasts in no time at all.
I didn’t add any sugar this time because I wanted to make the French toast a side dish, but if you mixed it with milk, you could enjoy it as a dessert as well.
Then, I cut the bacon into bite-sized pieces, dropped some butter into a hot pan, and let the bread and bacon cook.
When the bread was nicely browned, I put the bacon and cheese on top and covered the pan with a lid, and when the cheese was melted thoroughly, I took it out of the pan.
Just as we were adding the lettuce and tomatoes to the bread, Sei and the others came into the dining room.

“Good morning, everyone.”

When I greeted them from the kitchen, they all rushed over to me.

“Good morning, Miss Cristea. Sorry for coming so late.”
“Hi, Missy. We were practicing so we came late.”
“Good morning. Is there anything left I can help with?”
“Not really, we are almost done…”

All that’s left is to sneakily take some consommé soup out of my inventory, so I guess there’s nothing left to do.

“Then, we will do the dishes later.”
“Geh, washing the dishes…”
“Byakko, you tend to break a lot of plates, so you clean the dining room instead.”
“Ugh~… alright.”

Byakko-sama is not good at washing dishes? Well, he’s the rough type, so it’s easy to imagine him breaking a lot of plates.

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